The stench of EVIL is so overwhelming – did we miss what was/is behind Hussein Obama’s Ebola?

Was there, has there been all along, something hidden behind the curtain we are not supposed to see?  I think yes, very much so.

To all viewing this – if you do not read every post put up at Battlefield USA’s site – you are missing many twists, turns, clues, atrocities in the train wreck that is quickly becoming America’s Armageddon.  Information that may save your life and pray God when the SHTF you are wise enough to stay out of the way if you are not going to be part of those gearing up for the battle of their lives.

This morning Battlefield USA posted this video – Obama on Monday.

Play it again while reading“If there is a silver lining in all the attention that the Ebola situation has received over the last several weeks it’s a reminder of how important our public health systems are and in many ways what this has done is elevated that importance. There may come a time sometime in the future where we are dealing with a airborne disease that is much easier to catch and is deadly. And in some ways this has created a trial run for federal, state and local public health officials and health care providers as well as the American people to understand the nature of that and why it’s so important that we’re continually building out our public health systems but we are also practicing them. And keeping them in tip-top shape and investing in them.”

This video from POTRBlog was made in September of 2013. 

“The Office of the Assistance Secretary for Preparedness and Response [ASPR] just released a Medical Counter Measures (MCM) document in which they indicate are planning to give all 300 million Americans TWO experimental adjuvant laced H7N9 vaccinations.Ancillary Acquisition to Support Pandemic Influenza Preparedness

H7N9 is an airborne disease and it is seen in the cold months.

Am I saying I believe the Ebola threat is going away?  No I’m not.  Not any time soon.  But I do believe the two nurses and now the man in New York may be (shall I be so bold – yes, yes I will) crisis actors and more will come to make sure there is ample opportunity for us to see the miracles our government will whip out of the magician’s hat!  The Infowars video posted yesterday was very convincing.  And, it is imperative that enough incidents continue to happen to keep us afraid, very, very afraid until our government heroes are ready to come rescue us with their God Damn vaccinations be it H7N9 or Ebola!

Oh!  And the last part about “investing in them” – read that as – “folks” we are going to need a whole lot more tax dollars!

Disgusting!  EVIL!  Swine!

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2 Responses to The stench of EVIL is so overwhelming – did we miss what was/is behind Hussein Obama’s Ebola?

  1. Anonymous says:

    The video of the president is weird. All those hand gestures are distracting. I wonder who told him to start doing that. It is as annoying as his bobble head motions when he is using his teleprompters.

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