A method to the madness…

CLICK the damn picture people!!!
Well! Just in case it is not clickable on this post – behind the damn picture is an article saying Hussein (rhymes with INSANE) Obama will sign an executive order calling up the National Guard to go to Liberia.
NOW! As of my latest reading which I think was just yesterday – of the 3,000 troops, which he increased to 4,000 troops – of those – only 500 or so have actually gone over there yet. But he’s going to send our reservists too????
Last word – I called him insane – he is far, FAR, from insane. This whole FALSE FLAG is nothing short of EVIL!

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3 Responses to A method to the madness…

  1. bunkerville says:

    This should fix it and calm the panic:


    Forget medical experience, what the USA needs to combat the worst Ebola pandemic ever is “an American lawyer and political operative best known for serving as Chief of Staff to two Vice Presidents – Al Gore (1995–1999) and Joseph Biden (2009–2011)” Gotta wonder how Tom Frieden feels about this…

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