Ebola – Drugs and Vaccines – Thumbs up? Thumbs down?

A compilation of articles worth the read:

Jon Rappoport – “If it isn’t Ebola, then what is it?”

Some readers, who haven’t been reading all my Ebola articles (archived here), will respond by saying, “If it isn’t Ebola, then what is it?”

The flaw in that question is the use of the word “it,” which suggests that whatever is making people sick and killing them is one thing.

This is the same flaw present in AIDS, West Nile, SARS, bird flu, Swine Flu. The assumption that one germ is responsible, in each “epidemic,” is false.

The illness and death occurred for many different reasons – and the medical trick involved is pretending a single virus connected all these disparate people together.

In other words: hoax. Continue here.

This next information I have hugely truncated to get the products and the companies developing them highlighted. As you read this and other articles relating to the “new” drugs and vaccines you will note something scary repeated in most – these drugs and vaccines are being “fast tracked” thru the process.

10/8/14 – Ebola Virus Vaccine: The Drugs That Will Help End The 2014 Ebola Outbreak

There is currently no federally endorsed cure or vaccine for the disease, but two new candidate vaccines are being fast-tracked for approval by the U.S. government, and a number of drugs are in various stages of development.

The candidate vaccines:

cAd3-ZEBOV – U.K.-based GlaxoSmithKline collaborated with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to develop cAd3-Z.
rVSV-ZEBOV – developed by The Public Health Agency of Canada in Winnipeg. Is licensed for commercialization by NewLink Genetics of Ames, Iowa.

The vaccines, both in non-human primate testing for more than a year already, have shown promise in preventing infection when taken before exposure as well as stopping infection from taking hold when administered shortly after exposure.

The vaccines are currently undergoing or will soon undergo a series of phase 1 trials in Africa, Europe and North America, according to WHO. The phase 1 trials will assess the safety of the vaccines, and they will need to be followed by months long phase 2 trials to assess their efficacy.

ZMapp – made by Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. – Kentucky BioProcessing its manufacturing partner.
Brincidofovir – antiviral drug – made by Chimerix Inc. of N. Carolina – FDA approved 10/6/14
TKM-Ebola – made by Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corp. of Vancouver – FDA approved 9/22/14
Full article here.

Dallas Ebola victim treated with experimental drug – Monday, 6 Oct 2014 (brincidofovir) Thomas Eric Duncan

Brincidorfovir didn’t work out so well for the guinea pig Mr. Dunchan. Concerned people want to know – Is it too late to close the damn borders?

Ebola: Officials Sound the Alarm – Sharyl Attkisson – 10/10/14 – excerpts

Public health and policy officials believe a big part of their job is preventing panic: Panic breeds behavior that can spread infectious disease. So when some of these health professionals begin speaking in alarming terms, there is reason to stand up and take note.

“We have to work now so this is not the world’s next AIDS,” said CDC Director Thomas Frieden today at a Washington D.C. meeting of officials from the United Nations, World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“Failures in leadership have allowed a preventable disease to spin out of control,” write Lawrence Gostin and Eric Friedman in the current issue of the medical journal Lancet.

There is across the board concern about an extreme shortage of funds to respond to the Ebola crisis.

That’s despite the fact that, in the U.S., Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) Cooperative Agreements have provided public health departments nearly $9 billion tax dollars since 2002 to upgrade their ability to respond to a range of public health threats, including infectious diseases. Apparently, money is no guarantee of competence. The Dallas Ebola case was mishandled nearly every step of the way with health officials displaying a “learn-as-we-go” mentality. Read here.

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