Guest post by American Patriot

American Patriot – your well and clearly stated comments mirror much that many, many other Americans believe.  I am putting it here because I am hoping doubters will consider your words. 

I must say though, I deviate by one thing.  What is happening is nothing short of EVIL.  Evil men telling evil lies, manifesting evil deeds.  America cannot seem to “grasp”, and we must, that what is happening is nothing less than premeditated, and it must be called by its rightful name otherwise we end up with people arguing that it is just politics or that we have a clueless, narcissistic, ignorant (a few of the words used too often) president.  That is not the case. Proof of that is the open borders that endanger the citizenry and the policies that allow someone like the “ebola carrier” on our soil.  THAT is clearly evil.

And I ask you, what warrior picks up his sword to fight clueless, narcissistic, ignorant or, by your words, “incompetent nincompoops”?  But they have and will to fight evil.  This person posing as our president has thrown off his political cloak and is now showing what is underneath and we best pick up our swords and shields very, very, soon.  We are in a War For America right here and right now.

American Patriot’s thoughts:

It has occurred to me (and btw thanks for giving me any kind of voice here) that ebola isn’t really here… etc. However, I’ll point out that the complete and total disregard for any semblance of due diligence on the part of the current administration, the RASH of scandals – which are summarily ignored by both the media and the President himself are enough to make me have a come to Jesus moment.

The President isn’t brilliant, or planning any kind of conspiracy. Instead he’s the most incompetent nincompoop ever to hold any kind of higher office in the United States. There are those who conspire to cheat, steal and lie. There are those who are just stupid and do stupid things. But this man and his entire cabinet, 75% of the Sitting Congress are out and out liars, crooks, incompetent fools who care NOTHING for the people of this country, only their own lives and wealth.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against people who are wealthy and earned it. I do, however, hate thieves and the politicians in charge of this country are nothing more than thieves.

I don’t believe that Ebola isn’t here. No, I think it’s REALLY here. I also think that the complete incompetence of ever, single appointee by this President (all of whom are as partisan as can be), including the President himself are culpable for what is coming down the pike.

If you think this country was just in trouble by a bunch of Left Progressives who really just want to ban Christianity, Bibles, Guns and Family Values, you’re dead wrong. The men and women NOW in charge of this country want those things, but they want America to be kicked in the nuts and down and ready to be shot in the back of the head by an executioner.

I predict – and I hope to God I’m so far off base even my friends will think I’m nuts when it doesn’t come to pass, but doubt this – I predict that America is about to have it’s own “Come to Jesus” moment. If this gets in any way, out of control and hits a few kids in school, everything that happens next will be prefaced by “It’s for the Children”; we will see MASS incarcerations. Those so-called FEMA camps (that I disbelieve exist except in the minds of people like Alex Jones) will indeed come to pass and thousands will be rounded up and put in them “for their own good and the good of the children”.

Martial Law will come to pass as soon as a few people get infected.

But – let’s not stop there. I think this guy was a single test of the system. And the system is failing. Assuming they 1) Cure this guy, 2) Contain Ebola or 3) He dies… we STILL have thousands dead in Africa, military “Boots in the Ebola Mud” – heading there to “help” (Why are we sending SOLDIERS to help with disease, shouldn’t we send DOCTORS? Bullets won’t stop a virus.

Ebola will CONTINUE to come to America now. There is no stopping this thing now. Unless every country is cut off from all others, flights are immediately halted, immigrants are immediately denied access, passports for “wannabe terrorists” are instantly (today) revoked, we’ve just witnessed the specter of 14th century “Black Plague” rearing it’s ugly head in the 21st Century.

We’re a country of smart people though. I think we can get through this. But first we get rid of the politicians that have caused this. (Perhaps Shakespeare had it right…. Lawyers? Who needs ‘em?)


Oh… and “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel, Obama Aide and Mayor Chicago.

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