“We’re being had. Again. ” Andrew McCarthy #Ebola

Battlefield USA has a new heading on his website – “American Irony In The Land Of Freedumb”

Yes, I would say that just about covers it. Our terrorist-in-chief continues his jihad on America. Today’s flavor – Ebola! With the help of the main stream media (and if history is our guide) we will go freely and dumbly into that good night!

Andrew McCarthy in saying “We’re being had. Again.” was not speaking of Ebola but the Khorosan Group. The quote however, is just as appropriate to what is coming down with Ebola. We’re being had. Again.

On 9/26 Jon Rappoport posted – Ebola: what op is being planned for Western nations? Please read, the life you save may be your own or that of a loved one.

In this article, I’m not going to try to recapitulate everything I’ve written about Ebola so far.

I’ll outline two possible scenarios for the near future in Western nations. Scenario 1 and Modified Scenario 1. Both would be planned ops.#1: Announcement: a vaccine is available. Authorities will declare who should take it. In an extreme situation, people in certain sectors will be commanded to take it. And if they don’t, they will be quarantined, regardless of their health status.

Quarantines in selected areas would be enforced by police and troops stationed on streets, taking people to their homes, ordering them to stay in their homes. In those areas, businesses would be ordered to close.

Flights in and out of selected areas would be shut down.

The vaccine would be called safe, “according to limited tests,” and “less risky than Ebola.” People who fall ill or worse as a result of the vaccine would tend to be labeled as Ebola cases–“the onset of the disease was more rapid than anticipated.”

“It’s the disease, not the vaccine.”

As part of the overall scenario, Ebola case numbers will be grossly exaggerated. In fact, most cases will be casually diagnosed from visible and general flu-like symptoms–eyeball diagnoses made by doctors and nurses at clinics, hospitals, and offices.

Blood samples taken to confirm these people’s diagnosis, at labs, will shockingly, to a large degree, show no presence of Ebola–but this fact will be covered up, as it was in the case of Swine Flu in 2009 and SARS in 2003.

If no vaccine is released, then the pharmaceutical profit center will focus on medicines that “fight viruses.” These drugs will be toxic and have significant adverse effects. Again, patients who fall ill will be labeled “Ebola rapid-onset.”

Here is Modified Scenario #1: It can be characterized by the after-op wrap-up: “We in the West escaped by the skin of our teeth. We almost had an uncontrollable nightmare on our hands. But thanks to public-health measures and the tracking of suspected cases, we averted doom…this time.” Heroes named and applauded.

No widespread quarantines. No major troop presence.

In that case, the main target of the op would turn out to be, as it is now, the West African countries. Borders sealed, chaos and massive quarantines inside, debilitation and death from a number of ongoing and long-term causes, none of which really have anything to do with Ebola:

Severe malnutrition; starvation; war; poverty; industrial pollution; contaminated water supplies; stolen farm land; overcrowding; prior toxic vaccine campaigns for yellow fever, polio, meningitis; toxic medical drugs.

All adding up to: destruction of immune systems, after which any germ passing through the territory accelerates dying. Ebola, cholera, flu, pneumocystis, measles, etc. Ebola itself is not the threat.

And if all that is not enough–perhaps the intentional introduction of a virtually undetectable chemical(s) that debilitates and kills for a limited period of time and then dissipates. The victims, of course, will be labeled “Ebola.”

Meanwhile, through brokered IMF “assistance” deals and other backroom agreements–with the West African population too weak to resist–outside financiers, investors, and corporations will expand their stranglehold over the rich mineral resources and land of those countries.

My best guess at this time is we will see Modified Scenario #1, the “by the skin of our teeth we escaped” op. Western nations will not be said to be overrun with Ebola. There will not be massive and widespread quarantines in all nations.

However, enough cases will be announced to scare people.

“We had a brush with disaster. It was a close call. A few more ‘links in the chain’ and we would have had a firestorm on a global scale.”

“Therefore, in the future, listen very closely to the medical experts. Do what they tell you to do immediately. Take your medicines. Get your vaccines, all of them, according to public-health mandated schedules.”

“Those leaders who are running and monitoring health insurance programs around the world should insist that delivering medical care is contingent on recipients taking their vaccines and other drugs as ordered and prescribed.”

Both Scenario #1 and its modified version are sheer reality-invention for the helpless, the mindless, the dupes, the pawns, the suckers, the rubes, and the merely uninformed.
As always, there is a vital relationship between a) those who know the truth and make it known, and b) the merely uninformed.

The number of people who wake up and realize what the op is, and refuse to participate–as they did successfully during the Swine Flu dud–can turn the tables and win.

If there is an X-factor here, you may find it through predictions of Ebola case numbers by the CDC (and the World Health Organization). If they back off a bit and modulate their estimates in a downward direction, you’ll pretty much know that at worst, this will be a “skin of our teeth” op.

If the CDC keeps doubling down with its “1 million Ebola cases” insanity, we could be in for a rocky ride. The CDC always lies. But if they keep these enormous predictive lies in play, it could be a clue the US government intends to fake a whole lot of Ebola.

And that’s what I’m talking about. Fakery.

To the mix we must add this from Bunkerville – Will the CDC activate emergency measures with Ebola outbreak? An executive order signed by President Obama at the end of July also allows for the “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”

Me thinks, The S***. Has HIT. The FAN!

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10 Responses to “We’re being had. Again. ” Andrew McCarthy #Ebola

  1. One has to wonder, folks, if the very fact we have mass communications on a scale never reached before in history if a lot of what we’re seeing isn’t just information overload.

    The media gets instant updates from field correspondents, and we get our twitter, facebook, blog updates seconds later. We’re witnessing history as it happens, rather than “as written by the winners”.

    Instead of being bystanders, we’re now participants. While we blog, and sometimes complain, we’re certainly on the bleeding edge of information management, right?

    WE have the ability to change the outcome of what the world sees. WE have the ability to point out the flaws and suggest fixes for them.

    WE have the RIGHT at least here in the US to do just that.

    I think that no one is going to “go like sheep”.

    I think we are keeping the public informed – that is, the public that WISHES to be informed. There are those who believe what they want no matter what facts are staring them in the face (the Left in America for instance, hell, look at the lies they tell about Global Warming and then turn around and call US liars for showing them facts) and there is NOTHING you and I can do to change their minds.

    We’re at, as I wrote elsewhere this morning, at a nexus in history, a point where all things are traveling in time to meet at a condition where one or two things will boil to the surface and change the planet forever.

    War with Russia has never been closer. China EXPECTS to be at war with the US by next year. ISIS has grown to cover a huge area of land and gained strength and power by collecting our old weapons. America is showing it’s sissy side thanks to President Ebola. Ebola is here. It’s in France. It’s in the UK. It’s in Spain. By next somewhere around 1.2 million people in Africa will be infected according to projections – and we’ve got our own little “outbreak” happening in Dallas. The US Government has become the worst offender in the world when it comes to human rights – a small group of people (Liberals and blacks) want to demonize whites, especially the middle aged, white male, who owns a gun and reads the Bible.

    Yep. The world is upside down.

    But we still have the power of the word, the gun and common sense.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I saw a man Saturday as I was sitting in my car. 5’6″ – 40# overweight – bandanna around his forehead – ponytail – sloppy clothes – nearing 40 probably. Did I say unimpressive? I saw him take his nearing one year old child and put him/her in the shopping cart. He spent easily four minutes getting her very safely belted in and comfortable.
      My “view” of him changed in that three or four minutes.
      I KNEW that when that child needs a hero – that father will be there for her.
      “I think that no one is going to “go like sheep”.
      I think you are right.
      He is going to protect her with his life.

  2. I can’t see this country declaring martial law – I don’t think they are THAT competent – and likely WOULD NOT in a condition with a dangerous disease. Instead, they will let it happen. After all, think about it, if they can kill off a lot of us “rich whites” in this country they can convert this place once and for all into a third world nation, complete with horrible diseases, the “tribe mentality” that’s already running rampant through the inner cities and the soon-to-be surge in Democrat voters!

  3. jay352 says:

    If you remember I commented about every revolution needing a vehicle. I was referring to our side. Maybe the bus has arrived…

  4. bunkerville says:

    Looks like the time is now. We knew it was coming. The way the cop killer in NE PA has been a non story while hundreds have been forced out or in their homes, and the non outrage was a trial ballon, and it went well. Lies from the media about what is happening, the non out rage from the citizens tells me all I need to know. This from Red Neck America. Many will go like sheep.

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