Ebola patient walked around for 8 days before hospitalization


Yep, if they are not lying it was 8 days that this guy walked around before he was hospitalized. Anyone smell a set up here? Anyone wonder why they are still letting flights in from Liberia when it is the epicenter of an outbreak of the worst kind of Sci-Fi disease imaginable?

Just remember this; You kill me, I kill you right back.
Did I forget to say what a foul and murderous mood that this put me in? Yeah , I guess I did.
There is just something about endangering the life of potentially millions of innocents that has that effect on me.

I am not the kind of man who sits on his hands while Pol Pot does his dirty business.

“The facts are straightforward, at least in the version that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid out: A man of uncertain age flew from Liberia…

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4 Responses to Ebola patient walked around for 8 days before hospitalization

  1. Dozen people in his travels? No, try THOUSANDS. I was traveling on the 23rd, returning from Florida to Colorado. While sitting in Houston – I was in the terminal (gate B76 or something like that). The terminal is round and has around 8 gates in it. All told there were EASILY somewhere around 2000 individuals sitting there. I was on a plane with 200+ pax. I walked through Houston and got on the tram, and passed hundreds more. At Tampa, I was in the terminal with literally over a thousand people.

    So, this guy walked through airports (several of them besides Dallas). He had contact on the aircraft in a closed, pressurized, recirculated airspace.

    He had the potential to infect not a few, but hundreds of people!

    Ebola can be transmitted EVEN IF THE PATIENTS ARE asymptomatic!

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Watch any sports? I don’t really but I saw bits and pieces of a college game a few weeks ago. Something like 72,000 people in the stands, and I’m thinking, when the SHTF those same people will be clogging the roads to get gas and food.
      Ebola is not spread as easily as some diseases. Cross paths with him at a ball game/touch a counter or bathroom door he just touched….
      Yeah. We’re screwed.

  2. bydesign001 says:

    And to top of all that, the hospital sent him because they saw nothing or thought he had a flu or something (can’t remember which) until he returned to the hospital and the signs were visible. Somehow regardless of the CDC spin, this man had to encounter at least several to a dozen plus people in his travels.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      D – I will have a post up in about 30 minutes – please check it too. What do you think? Shit has finally hit the fan?

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