What’s not to like?

And yesterday we bombed the hell out of some terrorist monster we had never even heard of before Sunday because ya know “they are a much scarier terrorist group than ISIS!”

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2 Responses to What’s not to like?

  1. Nightshade says:

    It turns out that the US was bombing oil fields and refineries. Supposedly because they were being used by ISIS. True or not, this is going to send oil prices up and further inflate the US dollar.


    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      So after ISIS is routed, we will have to go back in and rebuild?
      And as you said – prices go uppppp
      From that article –
      “And as the President takes the world stage, U.S. law enforcement agencies are looking out for possible lone-wolf attack plots to retaliate for the bombings.”
      You notice “O” does not mention anything about closing our borders.
      And there was this usual dribble –
      “At the same time, Obama stressed that the United States “is not and never will be at war with Islam.”
      He can say that all he wants, it does not make it so.

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