Obama’s World for ye peasants and sheep

In Hussein Obama’s world you and I are to build many bridges. Many roads. Watch much TV. We have come to accepting the not so bright spots the jihadist-in-chief showers upon us: obamacare; benghazigate; threats of bloodbaths; disease/pestilence; martial law; ISIS; obamaphones; obamaguns; obamajustice. Isn’t it time to crawl out from under the covers America?


* * *

Bunkerville – Martial Law – ‘Shelter in place’ comes to NE PA over Police killer Frein 8:03pm EST 9/20/14 – this note from Bunkerville –

My friend just called me from “The Zone”. She is forced for the second night to stay in a hotel. Second night of not being permitted to go home. She and her son are without their meds. She said the hotels are packed. No provisions for taking care of anyone. The so called Barrett fire house they were sent to has no beds and only had potato chips and water. So people are forced to sleep in cars if they cannot afford or get a room. This is crazy.

* * *

Huge Border Protest Cancelled – Cartel promises blood bath

BattlefieldUSA – ISIS Near W. Virginia – but we’re monitoring them!

* * *

Marine Corps vets walk 300 miles to tell Obama: Free Tahmooressi

Democrats accuse Benghazi annex security team of lying. No stand down order was given.

* * *

More Than 700 Infants Exposed To TB At Texas HospitalTexas Dept of Public Health TB Event Information

CDC: Severe respiratory illness in children now in 22 states

Battlefield USA – Mmm-Mmm Tasty Ebola…

* * *

Sharyl Attkisson – Government Insider Warned of HealthCare.gov Security Risks: ‘I Am Tired of the Cover-Ups’

Benghazi Gate Cover Up Sharyl Attkisson

I’m41 – IRS ‘Whenever we can, we follow the law’


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One Response to Obama’s World for ye peasants and sheep

  1. bunkerville says:

    I added an update and will do a post tomorrow regarding no planning for Sheltering in Place in NE PA.This is scary nonsense. What if there had been an attack? I guess the locals would have been sent to a FEMA camp. Now we know how the plan will work. They will simply bus us out.

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