Hussein Obama wagthedog? The Ebola dog? Nicht!

Not possible! Why on God’s green earth would the jihadist-in-chief try to distract his lemmings? He couldn’t possibly be that cold/calculating?

And the best line of the week that I read came from American Digest“I try to become more cynical every day, but lately I just can’t keep up.”

American Thinker – Is Obama Wagging the Ebola Dog?

The anti-war president has finally found a way to wag the dog without upsetting his liberal base and war-weary electorate. Despite the beheading of two Americans, establishment of an Islamic caliphate, direct threats to the U.S. homeland, and the destabilization of the entire Middle East, Obama refuses to acknowledge that we are at war with barbaric Islamic jihadists. And he refuses to authorize the requisite boots on the ground.

However, Obama just discovered his pre-midterm election method of wagging the dog — distracting from his incompetent and dangerous response (or lack thereof) to the real threats to America’s national security while looking tough and proactive. Calling it a “top national security priority,” Obama is sending 3000 military personnel to Liberia to help combat Ebola. According to a Fox report, this is now the Pentagon’s “number one priority.” Whew, I can now sleep at night knowing that I am safe from the biggest threat to the safety and security of Americans.

Perhaps we should be relieved that Obama has finally made a decision — any decision — but given how utterly ridiculous, misinformed, and useless this is from a big picture perspective, his strategy reeks more of mind-boggling political calculation than a desire to stem the tide of a worldwide threat. Especially in the face of medical experts who have advised that Ebola does not pose a threat to us.

Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease and Prevention, recently stated, “It is not impossible that there will be some travelers who become sick in this country. But we are confident that a large Ebola outbreak in the United States will not occur.” Continue for much more – here.

Video – H/T Cry and Howl – Terrorists just want a ‘path to citizenship’
At 4:00 –

Question: Why are we not taking up the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Report so that we don’t have another attack again?
Jeh Johnson: There are a number of 9/11 Commission recommendations that I wish we could all adopt. (FOCUS on his smile here. WTF!)
Question: But enforcing our immigration laws is number one?
Jeh Johnson: Very plainly enforcing of our immigration laws is a top priority of mine and with the resources that congress gives us we can and we should do an effective job of going after those that represent threats to public safety.

“We can and we should…” I’m going to say it again – “should” – WTF?

How many years since the 9/11 Commission Report came out? TEN!

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