Different day, different time, different name – ISIS

SAME subject!

Daniel Greenfield wrote this (sounds very much like it is being written about our terrorist-in-chief) in 2008:

The 5 Stages of Terrorist Societal Brainwashing1. Violence (Terrorism) – Terrorists thrive on exhausting the ability of a society to cope with the violence.

2. Rational Bargaining (Negotiations) – Terrorist goals are to open negotiations thereby directing the nation down a new “solution” for coping with terrorism.

3. Pleading Bargaining (Appeasement) – Constant terrorist violence blocks any negotiated solution. Terrorists continually pretend to negotiate while engaging in random violence and escalating their demands.

4. Submission (Surrender) – Terrorists have now become a state within a state and have gained the active sympathy and cooperation of much of the nation’s elite.

5. Acceptance (Islam) – The nation is destroyed and recreated on the terrorist’s terms. Its symbols are erased and it becomes an Islamic state.

Brainwashing is a multistage process whose ultimate goal is the destruction of an individual or a society’s existing identity and its replacement with a new identity. Continue here.

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2 Responses to Different day, different time, different name – ISIS

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  2. marblenecltr says:

    President Reagan told us that terrorists would have no sanctuary in the United States while he was in office, but they have had training camps here for a long time. Stephen Emerson is an authoritative reporter on jihad in America, and his information, going back to at least 1990, should be required study for all in elected office.

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