3,000 U.S. military to be exposed to Ebola!

Hussein Obama, the jihadist-in-chief announcement late yesterday that he will send 3,000 troops to West Africa to help fight Ebola!

3,000 of our husbands and wives and sons and daughters? What could possibly go wrong?

Newsmax: The military is expected to use its coordinating expertise to direct supplies, put up tent hospitals pull together medical personnel from across the world as well as train health care workers. Offshore ship hospitals have been ruled out over fears that the virus could spread rapidly though the vessels.

Obama To Put Boots On The Ground…To Fight Ebola

The Obama administration is getting serious about a threat posed to the world. No, not the terrorist army currently grabbing land throughout the Middle East, beheading Americans, selling women into sexual slavery, and executing thousands on a whim, but the Ebola virus.The White House announced last night that they’re sending 3000 American troops to West Africa to combat the spread of the virus.

Yes, the Obama administration will send troops to a part of the world where we have no national security interests to control the spread of a deadly virus that has only made its way to this country by us importing it, but not to the place where people are slaughtering human beings at will.

Are they going to shoot the virus?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for helping stop the spread of Ebola, but I’m more in the favor of stopping the spread of radical Islam.

In a sense, they’re related – one is spread through human excrement, the other is human excrement. They’re both just a plane flight or illegal border crossing away from inflicting harm on this country, but only one has said that’s one of their goals.

I’ll leave it to you to decide which is the bigger threat.

A twitter comment – “Send the U.S. military to Liberia. 3,000 troops. To “fight ebola.” Oh, how Obama loathes our brave military.” More here.

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11 Responses to 3,000 U.S. military to be exposed to Ebola!

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  2. marblenecltr says:

    To make such a plan possible, we must elect an entirely new Congress to vote legislation to bring that about, and it will need to have a vote to override any veto. It should apply only to the Congress that preceded the new Congress. I have one troubling concern about this. We will be breaking up families. I know, you may be committed to “It takes a village to depopulate a country …”, but please reconsider.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      marblenecltr I’m not sure what “it takes a village to depopulate a country…” means so whether or not I am committed to it I don’t know. Right now I am just angry beyond rational thinking.

      • marblenecltr says:

        Sorry, I too, am mildly annoyed, and careless/unable to express myself well. The village is the site to which our troops are to be sent, the country is the United States, and the phrase is from what is said to be an African folk way of life used by Hillary to become of title of one of her previous books. (Depending on who wins the next presidential, of course, I tentatively wish her latest book all the success of any previous efforts to accomplishing that goal.)

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  4. marblenecltr says:

    “We’re gonna have to get US military assets involved ,,,” [3,000 to begin with because all our other assets are diligently protecting our borders], and we have “unique capabilities” and “unique responsibility to assist African countries.” Our troops are available to work in the middle of an airborne plague, return home in aircraft, be housed in barracks, and complete tours of duty or go into military retirement. I am not going to mention alternative possibilities, I am afraid others have already done that. Why don’t we use David Rockefeller’s army, the ones with the blue helmets? Saving them for their responsibility to take over the United States? Doesn’t his medical association, the World Health Organization, have unique capabilities?

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I have a better idea than that! Let’s take all the children and grandchildren of every member of the rat infested congress and send them first – and to head the whole thing needs to be the jihadist president’s two girls. Maybe not quite old enough to go but hey, I’m sure they would be useful! NOT MY KIDS/NOT YOUR KIDS!

  5. bunkerville says:

    Now he is turning out military into the Red Cross Sickening

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      We should be so lucky if that is all – there is no vaccine. There is an “experimental” but nothing ready till maybe the end of the year. So what they will be will be an experiment!

  6. Cry and Howl says:

    Yeah, what could go wrong? Geez …

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