Brendan Tevlin a “just kill”

19 year old Brendan Tevlin from New Jersey was a “just kill” as were three more from Seattle – Leroy Henderson and a gay couple, Ahmed Said and Dwone Anderson-Young.

So says their murderer Ali Muhammad Brown, a muslim jihadist. All were shot many, many, times at point blank range.

A real nice guy is Mr. “just doing my small part to avenge the actions of the United States in the Middle East” Brown whose “mission is vengeance.”

One white, two gay, one black.  The only common denominator was that they were men, and, according to the Koran, he was to kill them because they were evil.

The media is all over this story –

A Muslim Monster In Our Midst Brendan Tevlin, American martyr, murdered on U.S. soil by jihadist killer

Authorities smeared Brendan Tevlin’s name to put the public at ease: Editorial

Seattle Man Confesses to Gay Couple’s Murder As ‘Vengeance’ for Iraq, Syria

SEATTLE: Muslim convert uses Gay app to hook up with and murder homosexuals with Islamic names

Home grown Muslim Terrorist Who Confessed To Jihad Of 4 Americans

Muslim Extremist Arrested for Murder of Gays in Seattle

Seattle Muslim confesses to murder spree: “vengeance” for military ops in Islamic world

Death penalty on the table in Leschi ‘executions’

Ali Muhammad Brown to investigators: ‘My mission is vengeance’

There are many, many more stories and articles written, just not by the main stream media.  It might reflect poorly on our jihadist-in-chief’s position that islam is a religion of peace?  Problem is – there is plenty of proof to the contrary and by his silence he validates that Brendan Tevlin and the other three men were “just” kills.

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2 Responses to Brendan Tevlin a “just kill”

  1. Sheridan says:

    Where did you get the videos of Brendan?

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Where is youtube but why I went there to look for videos was because in his obituary there was this – “Brendan was a talented bagpiper for the Essex County Shillelagh Pipes & Drums.”
      I met a woman from Chicago years ago who was a bag piper. I sat one evening listening to her stories of competitions and friendships. I knew his death would be commemorated by his group, and as so much is recorded and uploaded to youtube I expected to find something there and did. That is also how I found the beautiful tribute by Carol Corcoran.

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