If Some Of Your Favorite Websites Are Acting Strange Today, Here’s Why

WOW! It would take too long to explain what is wrong with the post I just did – Hyscience is not using WP – but something major happened with our last two posts. I’m not going to try to take corrective measures today anyway. Thanks for the heads-up D!

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cars rush hour slow Image courtesy of EFF.org

Grumpy Opinions

There’s an Internet Protest Underway today to fight ending Net Neutrality.. Here at Grumpy Opinions, we didn’t know about until this morning, or we would be participating.. Since we didn’t know about it, we had no way to warn our readers in advance, and thought it would be unfair to spring it on you with no warning.

Before we go any farther, scattered across the internet roughly Ten Million websites use the WordPress Platform. There are two distinctly different types of websites that use the WP Content Management System. WordPress Dot Com is a free hosting service offered by WordPress. Then there is self hosted WordPress, self hosted sites, like Grumpy Opinions use the WordPress system but pay for their own hosting and are not subject to some of the restrictions imposed by WordPress Dot Com.

I subscribe to a website called WP Tavern…

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2 Responses to If Some Of Your Favorite Websites Are Acting Strange Today, Here’s Why

  1. bydesign001 says:

    I’m about to dump WordPress.com once and for all. Even though I am continuing to get net neutrality crap showing up on my cover page.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      D – for what it’s worth – I have the free version of WP but I pay $30 a year to STOP all ads. At least now there is nothing that goes there that is not something I didn’t put on.

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