America begs for war in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 …

So the jihadist-in-chief has no “strategy” for how to deal with ISIS. He is being called all kinds of names (clueless, uninformed, detached, queasy, delusional, in denial) by both the left and the right.

What is actually happening is we are once again playing checkers to his playing chess (h/t whoever said that) – playing right into his true plans.

What Hussein Obama does have is a strategy to get the American people to beg him to go to war!  Save us Obama!  You must take us to war!

We balked at his plan to take on the Syrian rebels last year because we knew he was going to arm/support the terrorist (which he did anyway) and because we are tired of war. Tired of our men and women dying on battlefields thousands of miles away.  Tired of seeing them die in some politician/big biz/military industrial complex’s war. He backed down.

He backed down and regrouped and now has figured out how to get us to come begging to him.

Everywhere you turn, someone is clamoring for him to take on ISIS or Putin or the local dog catcher! Politicians, talking heads, bloggers, the public. Americans are feeling the suffocation of one horror after another heaped on our heads, on our conscience. Brutal/bloody fighting, starvation, children dying, diseases, eleven airplanes being flown by terrorists which the CIA are hunting for desperately (sure they are). Oh and the beheadings.  An effective little visual piece of psyops.

Yeah.  Just my opinion, but think about it.  It’s called reverse psychology peoples – and it is evil!  Heads up!



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6 Responses to America begs for war in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 …

  1. bunkerville says:

    Let us not forget Kerry who has in-laws who live in Iran. According to policies, he should never have been approved due to the possibility of blackmail. Iranian born Jarrett. Yep.

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  4. marblenecltr says:

    You write, “Just my opinion”, but you have a good record on their verity. It seems to me that BHO is torn in many directions, such as a neutral attitude towards Iran because of Valerie Jarrett’s influence, lack of hatred for ISIL because of his Islamic faith, personal favors from the Saudi royal family, and national treaty obligations towards them, in part caused by Rockefeller petrodollar dependency; and his contempt for Israel. Then add our suicidal, civilization-destroying dealings with Russia (when prosperity for all would otherwise be so easy), attempted alliance with the Nazis of Ukraine involving overthrow of a democratically-elected president using $5 billion to benefit Rockefeller oil interests and relatives of US officials. That effort was pushed by State Department official Victoria Nuland, wife of Donald Kagan, a founding member of PNAC, Project for the Nazi American Century. Add our deliberate destruction of our manufacturing base, resultant skyrocketing national debt, opening our borders to terrorists, plagues, and ruin of our way of life, Libyan and Syrian disasters, I have to slow down, my fingers are getting tired, that’s enough already! We are afflicted with Agenda 21, NWO/UN, IMF, BIS, etc., when summed up, could be called American carcinoma Satanicus. The devil has placed land mines all about and has gotten our leaders to tell our citizens to step on every one of them.

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