“Hussein Obama to stop ISIS at America’s southern border!”

A note from our attorneys: The above is not a real quote.

How’s that three day weekend workin out for ya “folks?” Are you worked into a proper lather?  Are you looking behind every bush?  Have you southerners begun building your bomb shelters?  Have you written and phoned your congresscritter demanding that Hussein Obama DO SOMETHING?  SAVE US OH MIGHTY ONE!

Last week the jihadist-in-chief just couldn’t figure how to take care of ISIS in Syria but as Syria/Assad is bad medicine too, he has on his yellow tablet the possibility of bombing ISIS – ANDSyrian military installations!


The trusted Judicial Watch got their hands on a “leaked” (initially) bulletin from the feds about the “imminent” terrorist threat (ISIS) across the border from El Paso and “It’s coming very soon.”  Deja vu anyone?


Then….. yesterday our savior (turned prepper) warned emergencies, “from hurricanes and wildfires to cyber and terrorist attacks, can strike anywhere at any time” all the while assuring us that gov is gonna take care of us and has “developd new tools and technologies that will empower survivors and better inform Americans before, during, and after an emergency.”  Da man wants to “empower SURVIVORS” now – just wow!


And somewhere deep in the bowls of a hidden bunker – the jihadist-in-chief Hussein Obama works feverishly this weekend to come up with a comprehensive and detailed plan for stopping a tragedy in the making in south Texas and do everything in his power to protect the sheep!

Honestly – can you blame me for thinking of ……

“You ought to ask magical Mr. Mistoffelees, the original conjuring cat, there can be no doubt about that.  Please listen to me and don’t scoff.  All his inventions are off his own bat. There’s no such cat in the metropolis; he holds all the patent monopolies for performing surprising illusions and creating eccentric confusion.  The greatest magicians have something to learn from Mr Mistoffelees conjuring turn! 

And we all say: Oh! Well, I never was there ever, a cat so clever as magical Mr. Hussein Obama…”

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