America abandons those who serve

A Vietnam Vet sent me an email about a month ago. He has five children. Two retired military, two active.

Every one of my kids are successful and I am proud of all of them. Here is Renee’s job description:
Leads daily operations of the United States Air Force’s largest aerial port
squadron. Coordinates mission execution of five flights and 509 personnel.
Supports humanitarian, contingency and channel airlift operations in support of
European Command, Central Command and African Command. Develops and implements policy for processing up to 240K passengers/100 tons of cargo, annually, aboard 12.5K missions. Advises the squadron commander on $17M budget; manages $220M in facilities and a $55M vehicle fleet; commands during commander’s absence.

Yesterday he sent me the below.

We got a message from Renee that she is being kicked out of the Air Force on December 31. We are very, very upset. The Air Force is getting rid of 25,000 personnel this year and there will be another reduction in force next year. We took Jess and his family out to dinner last night for his birthday and he told me that one lady pilot he has known for a long time, was kicked out as well after ten years of service. Another friend of his was given orders to a new duty station and while he and his wife were moving to another state, he got a call that as soon as he got there he would start “out processing.” So it is with the military today. Jess also knows a couple of flight engineers, like himself, who have been kicked out. Yet the Air Force keeps bringing in and training more flight engineers at the cost of millions of dollars in training rather than keeping people with years of experience.

While one might wish to blame the islamist-in-chief Hussein Obama for these layoffs (after all it is his plan that is going into place that will reduce our military to its lowest levels since before WWII) but the truth is, We, the People, have done nothing – zip, zero, nada to stop him.

On a daily basis he wipes his ass with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights – and America stands down.


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One Response to America abandons those who serve

  1. Cry and Howl says:

    I couldn’t have said it better Lady Raven.

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