Vacation over – Hussein Obama’s jihad resumes

One (that would be me) imagines that with every swing of his golf club he envisioned another piece of America flung in the direction of WWIII? An Islamic Caliphate?

Bunkerville – Obama blames U.S. for rise of terrorist threat by “feeding extremism” I watched Zero address the American Legion yesterday. I had some degree of hope that the Legion members might set Obama back on his heels a bit. He snoozed the members with his usual non-emotional tone, and they remained somewhat polite. All and all his remarks were ridiculous and made little sense. This was the high point. Of course, it is our fault for the terrorism. Forget that Jefferson and Adams held the view that these Muslim fellows would always be a problem: Obama – “The answer is not to send in large-scale military deployments that over stretch our military, and lead for us occupying countries for a long period of time and end up feeding extremism.” Continue here.

The Legion members were not particularly warm.

Zero Hedge – WTF White House Statement Of The Day: Syria Airstrikes Edition When President Obama bragged earlier that “The United States is and will remain the one indispensable nation in the world…” adding that “no other nation can do what we do,” we should have guessed some more war-mongering was coming… and sure enough. As AP reports, it appears Syrian airstrikes are on their way, but there’s a mind-blowing twist in US foreign policy: “In an effort to avoid unintentionally strengthening the Syrian government, the White House could seek to balance strikes against the Islamic State with attacks on Assad regime targets.” Continue here.

Washington Times – Going it alone: Obama may bypass Congress on Syria airstrikes The White House said Monday that President Obama won’t necessarily seek congressional approval for airstrikes in Syria against militants of the Islamic State, while Syria warned the U.S. it would consider any unilateral attack an act of “aggression.”As Mr. Obama’s advisers debated how to contain the terrorist group whose advances have caught the administration off guard, Obama officials also acknowledged they were caught flat-footed by a joint Egyptian-United Arab Emirates air attack against Islamist forces in Libya. The allies and military partners of the U.S. carried out two attacks in the past week in Libya without notifying Washington or seeking permission. More here.

Fox News – US begins surveillance flights over Syria after Obama authorization The U.S. has started flying surveillance drones over Syria after President Obama authorized the missions, two senior Defense officials told Fox News, in a move that could pave the way for eventual airstrikes against Islamic State targets in the country.A decision still has not been made, at least publicly, to launch airstrikes in Syria. But the Obama administration would likely need additional intelligence on possible targets should the president take that step.

Sources told Fox News that Obama approved surveillance missions in Syria for the first time over the weekend; they have since begun.

It remains to be seen whether the Syrian government will raise any objections to the move. On Monday, the Syrian regime demanded that the U.S. seek permission before launching any airstrikes on its territory against Islamic State targets, but did not discuss its position on surveillance drones. More here.

There’s more.  I have one more piece I have temporarily lost.  Come back later folks for more mind boggling WTF!

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