Obama blames U.S. for rise of terrorist threat by “feeding extremism”

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I admit it. I watched Zero address the American Legion yesterday. I had some degree of hope that the Legion members might set Obama back on his heels a bit. He snoozed the members with his usual non-emotional tone, and they remained somewhat polite. All and all his remarks were ridiculous and made little sense. This was the high point. Of course, it is our fault for the terrorism, Forget that Jefferson and Adams held the view that these Muslim fellows would always be a problem

Via Breitbart:

Monday at the American Legion’s 96th National Convention, President Barack Obama said the answer for ISIS’s “evolving terrorist threat” is not for America to “occupy” countries and end up “feeding extremism.” […]

“The answer is not to send in large-scale military deployments that over stretch our military, and lead for us occupying countries for a long period of time and end…

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5 Responses to Obama blames U.S. for rise of terrorist threat by “feeding extremism”

  1. bunkerville says:

    For some reason the MSM didn’t find this statement a bit interesting. I am amazed that the Legion sat there and took it. But then again, most are from a different generation I guess, where politeness was considered a virtue.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      For whatever reason WP is not allowing videos in comments right now. Possibly it is comments in my own posts, I don’t know.
      I will try to post it in your original piece.
      To the issue of politeness – I’m good with politeness – I’m even better with utter disdain. Again, see video.

      • bunkerville says:

        Got it OK. WP has been acting up and I guess have made some changes which I am slowly figureing out. Clip says it all

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          I was able to put the video link in my response by clicking “link” but I don’t believe it is even hot.
          But at your site in comments I was able to just throw it in and it launched by itself.
          And yeah – clip says it all. According to White House Dossier where I got the video – what clapping there was, was by supporters – most others just sat there.

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