“Is there enough of God’s Grace left in this country…”

Listening to the voices of Americans.  The below was in the comments section of a post at American DigestThe Coward-in-Chief

John A. Fleming:

The Usurper, his masters and minions are just waiting for the golpe now that the Pax Americana has ended by their hands. (I’ve been saying for years that the Pax is ending, it does look like the summer of 2014 it has.) I do believe they are deliberately enabling America’s enemies to strike at us. The bureaus and agencies are adrift with bad leadership, each appointee now an unencumbered lord or lady to pursue their own petty priorities. No one sets the priority based on their sworn duty. We the People loaned our government our powers to secure our Liberties. They intend to use these powers to seize control of We the People. The government no longer works for Us and Our Country, it works to please itself.

Does it matter what the golpe is? Ebola loose in the United States, a flood of fence-hoppers (first the children, followed close behind by their “parientes” with some jihadis mixed in), big-time riots as the devil’s bargain between the moochers and the middle class breaks down (pay up or we riot), an NBC strike from across the ocean, another financial reset.

The Usurper believes that when it comes, they will be able to use the momentary opportunity of national unity or panic, as Bush the Timid did not in 2001, to break the Constitution and seize tyrannical power (and which they despised Bush for not doing so).

Hence his seeming disregard. The cadet branch of the Ruling Party has forsworn their proper role of the Loyal Opposition, and pledged no more government shutdowns, budget battles, or impeachment. He is free, without a boss, effectively a sovereign lord. He can do anything he wants, he is protected by a many-layered Palace Guard, there is not a person in the country who can prevent or control his behavior. Just about all will not even try.

All the would-be Stalins wait and prepare.

He idyls and waits. The effects of bad leadership grow, all are distracted and confused. Our enemies watch and probe, looking for an opportunity to strike a crippling blow.

Beware, regime, for the end comes swiftly and unlooked for, especially to feckless fools who erect and live inside bubbles of toadies and yes-men. In our 238 years we have not yet seen the top men and women flee the country just ahead of the piano wire and firing squad. We will see it all before the end.

And there will be a reckoning. Many of us have known the nature of this Chicago gang from the beginning. Many who surely were and are smart enough, refused to see the truth before them and so became enablers of this gang, the loss of the Pax, and the rise of the barbarian hordes. It matters not their faux-noble reasons: that sweet sweet free government heath care, a peaceful post-racial society, fairness finally achieved. If you deny the reality of things and act contrary to Nature, you deserve not only that which Nature brings to you which is bad enough; but also you will suffer the wrath of your fellows that became engulfed in your carelessly-created vortex of stupidity.

Is there enough of God’s Grace left in this country, and the will of moral men and women, to carry us through the coming trials? I pray that it be so. But what really are prayers, but the things we say by ourselves and with our fellows to steel our determination and resolve to do the things that must be done.

I will only add that I believe the golpe (overthrow) will not come first in the false flag of an Ebola outbreak.  Why?  Because that “scare” has gotten very little traction here in America despite government and media best efforts.  In the meantime, rational says at any point should they try it, we little people must not worry, they most likely have a vaccine for themselves.  They will survive to haunt the lives of those left standing.


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