The War for America: The Battle Has Come Home

From Ann Barnhardt – This paraphrased from a clever reader: In Roman times, the Christian martyrs were resisting the State and saying, “I don’t care what happens to me.” The modern “Christian” acquiesces to the State and says, “I don’t care what happens to me.”

I have been writing about the “War for America” for a long time and in particular about my belief that the islamist-in-chief, Hussein Obama, would use biological warfare against the citizens of this country.
And here we are.

Maybe this post and the previous one from Battlefield USA will be those magic words that finally wake America up.
Thank you PatriotUSA @ for bringing it to my attention.

“If we don’t start fighting these people and destroying the weapons arrayed against us we will die by the millions. Our military will be tasked with the disposal of our bodies along with those of the invaders who carried the pathogens; disarming us will simply be a matter of collecting the weapons from our homes while they carry our corpses out for disposal. Weapons are useless against a virus spread by the compassion of government; seems they found something more effective at disarming us than legislation.”

Restoring the American Republic

The night before writing this I had a dream that disturbed me greatly. A bus full of illegals was confronted and destroyed by Militia on a freeway by rocket and machine gun fire; the bodies and wreckage was set ablaze to destroy the pestilence it was carrying. What disturbed me wasn’t the destruction; people die in war… even the innocent. What disturbed me is that is what must be done to stop the spread of pestilence and gang infiltration into our cities and towns in order to protect our children in their schools, our people in the grocery stores, taverns, buses, trains, airliners, and even our churches; many of which have opened their doors to these people in order to receive over $6k per person per month from the traitors in our Federal Government. When they are allowed to cross our borders in violation of our laws infected with deadly…

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4 Responses to The War for America: The Battle Has Come Home

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  2. poetopoet says:

    What America needs, not really, is a war a civil war and is going to get one, for sure, that will destroy the black and alien welfare rolls, not really, and everything that matters, really; for their numbers are expediential, meaning they fuck and screw everything up and anyone repeatedly to perpetuate their numbers.

    We the People are doomed to Ferguson-St. Louis type black and alien outlaws of the “we take and you give”, damn its coming. No! Sorry it is here and We the People are HERE already, locked and loaded, I hope.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Whatever happened to having faith in one’s fellow man?
      Bob Montgomery a couple of days ago said something similar to what you are saying, and with both comments I am thinking – I’ve seen quite a few blacks standing in front of business’ trying to keep looters out. I’ve listened to some on the street trying to keep the calm.
      The media is running this show – showing us what they want us to see which is ignorance personified.
      Of course there is that, but it perpetuates the “most” blacks are freeloading, ignorant people.
      We are being manipulated.
      Educated or not – programming or not – people know right from wrong!
      I am praying the majority will make the “right” choice when the SHTF……

      • poetopoet says:

        They did! The blacks voted twice for O’Bonobo 95%, I would say that is a clear, I mean black majority. Maybe 85 % now, when it is to late.

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