President Ebola welcome You!

Look at the wording thruout the DOD Q&A page – do you get the feeling that America may have been/will be invaded by more than just the illegal aliens coming across the border?
“civil authorities, both foreign and domestic”
“coordination with interagency partners”
“Interagency planning support”
“with our international partners”
To all you bloggers who have been yelling, warning about this for a very long time – a huge I TOLD YOU SO is in order!


In an act of stunning genius,the white house announced yesterday that flights out of Ebola infected countries would not be halted. Within a short matter of hours NYC had it’s first case of suspected Ebola.The patient had flown from somewhere unspecified in West Africa.
Apparently the man passed the rigorous TSA illness inspection, which consists of TSA agents looking at people to see if they look sick.
Remember, never let a crisis go to waste.

The below was copied from the DOD website Q&A page

Question: What tasks will DoD perform in a pandemic influenza outbreak within the U.S.?

Answer: DoD has identified 19 critical tasks that the Department will perform to provide protection for its personnel, mission assurance, and support to civil authorities, both foreign and domestic, in response to a pandemic influenza outbreak. These tasks are already driving the shape and content of joint training, military exercises, and…

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4 Responses to President Ebola welcome You!

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  2. poetopoet says:

    Bye, bye my American pie, Bye, Bye my American Dream!

  3. marblenecltr says:

    “…never let a crisis go to waste.” Especially if you have worked so hard for it over such a long period of time.

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