About the Israeli IDF suicide bomber…

First, to all Israelis, please accept my apologies for writing such a horrific headline but there is a point to be made to the rest of the world. Have you ever heard of an Israeli suicide bomber? Israeli’s tend to have a respect and love of life, a commitment to bettering themselves and mankind. Suicide bombers on the other hand are part of the so-called “Religion of Peace” and proudly proclaim – “We love death more than you love life.”

And so it was on Friday, ninety minutes into the “humanitarian” “ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas that a suicide bomber took the lives of three IDF soldiers Benaya Sarel, Liel Gidoni, and 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin.

Goldin “was part of a group of soldiers who had found a Hamas tunnel in a rural area near Rafah overnight Thursday-Friday, and they were working on decommissioning it when they were attacked on Friday morning.”

He was thought missing and kidnapped by Hamas but evidently he was so completely blown apart that it took DNA to determine that little of him actually remained on this earth.

Meantime back home at the White house – Obama condemns Hamas attack on Israeli soldiers. “A cease fire was one way in which we could stop the killing, to step back and try to resolve some of the underlying issues that have been building up over quite some time. Israel committed to that 72 hour cease fire and it was violated.”

But talk is just cheap politics coming from our resident jihadist-in-chief:

Wall Street Journal Confirms That Obama is Arming Hamas Terrorists

The United States government is funding the radical Islamic terrorist group Hamas. That’s the conclusion of a Wall Street Journal report that looks into the formation of a new interim coalition government that brings Hamas and the Palestinian Authority back together after several years of conflict.

The United States supports the Palestinian Authority with over $400 million annually, even though U.S. law forbids taxpayer support of any group heavily influenced by Hamas, which the State Department designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1997. It is difficult to believe-impossible, really-that not a penny of that money will get into the hands of the radical militants currently firing rockets at civilians in Israel from behind human shields in Gaza. Continue here.

Netanyahu To Obama On Latest Hamas Cease-Fire Violation: ‘Never Second-Guess Me Again’


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4 Responses to About the Israeli IDF suicide bomber…

  1. GOD GUTS GLORY and AMMO says:

    Thanks I did go to his blog found it very interesting and informative , I see how it works and it has been working for a very long time. It’s all about control and what can be gotten away with, such as low information voters

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Yes, absolutely – control!
      Did you read any of his posts on this ebola? There have been four. Two on 7/31 and two since. I think it REAL important for all of us to take into consideration his information.

  2. GOD GUTS GLORY and AMMO says:

    I do not understand the liberal view of this , how can you support a terrorist group that kills it’s own people

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