Naomi Ragen – Israel – Hamas – Gaza

I have been on Naomi Ragen’s email list for several years. No. I am not Jewish. Yes, absolutely I support Israel and Naomi’s writings are sensitive, passionate, informative, fair.

The below came in an email today and I thought I would post it along with the Roger L. Simon piece –

So Many Miracles – This e-mail is going around in Hebrew. It is all true.The soldiers in Gaza are switched out with other units in order to rest. This story was told by one of these soldiers.

“I and my friends captured a number of Hamas terrorists. When they were interrogated, we asked them, if you have so many tunnels that come into Israel, and that are built 25 feet under the ground and reach to Beer Sheva, why until now have you never used any of them for terrorist attacks? To kidnap or kill Israelis?

And this is what he answered:

“For twelve years we have been building these tunnels and waiting for the right moment, when we were trained and ready. We decided that the time would be this year on Rosh Hashana, 2014. We chose Rosh Hashana because most of the soldiers get leave to go home and there aren’t a lot on guard duty, and it’s a two day holiday. All of Hamas would go through the tunnels we’ve built over twelve years and capture Israel. In every tunnel we’d send two, three dozen armed terrorists and kidnap civilians, women, children and bring them back to Gaza through the tunnels. And then Israel couldn’t bomb the tunnels because of all the Israeli civilians inside them. And in this way we would occupy the entire country and rule Israel and kill all the Zionists. For years we were planning this and it was going to happen in two months. Your attacks on Gaza destroyed our plans.”

The person who sent this to me added this:

“Many religious people asked after our three boys were found dead what happened to all our prayers? So you see, this is what happened. God heard us. And because of these three martyred boys, all of Israel was saved from a terrible massacre. All the things that we have seen this summer are one miracle after the next. Continue to pray and strengthen each other. And give thanks to God who watches over the Jewish people in the land He promised them.

Roger L. Simon – Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemy

Barack Obama is apparently very angry with Bibi Netanyahu.We have known for some time, via hot mike and other methods, that neither he nor his secretary of State much care for the Israeli prime minister. But — perhaps exacerbated by a multiplicity of foreign and domestic policy failures, plus atrocious poll numbers, one this weekend showing Romney beating him handily were the election held today — Obama seemed more irked than usual.

He needed someone to beat up since the world was beating him up. And the Israelis had just hugely embarrassed his secretary of State (and by extension him) by pointing out their absurd bias in favor of Hamas in ceasefire negotiations, so absurd in fact that they outraged even Israel’s most famous liberal/left politician, Tzipi Livni, who would normally do almost anything for a chance for peace. (Ironically, the details of the pro-Hamas negotiations in which Israeli security concerns — the tunnels, demilitarization, etc. — were ignored were exposed by Barak Ravid in Israel’s most liberal newspaper, Haaretz.)

Further, they had outraged the Egyptians, who were dumped from the negotiations by Obama and Kerry in favor of Turkey and Qatar. Our administration seems to have a preference for the more extreme Islamist/Muslim Brotherhood societies, although you would think, given their professed loyalty to women’s and gay rights, these cultures would be anathema to them. Never mind. Obama is an equal opportunity narcissist and everything’s fine, unless you cross him.

Which, according to sources in Israel, is where Netanyahu found himself when the American president called Sunday to admonish him about Gaza. Obama reportedly used or implied the threat of withholding the resupply of weapons — don’t know if this includes the Iron Dome itself — if Israel didn’t fall into line and stop attacking Gaza immediately.

What Obama is doing, in effect, is saving Hamas. It’s almost mind boggling to think, but it’s true. Continue here.

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8 Responses to Naomi Ragen – Israel – Hamas – Gaza

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  3. bobmontgomery says:

    Now….we know Israeli intelligence is one of the best in the world, so we know that it wasn’t just the rocket attacks that spurred IDF to act. We also know that in the past, there has been some measure of cooperation or sharing between Mossad and CIA and Brits, except on matters where Israel felt even their allies couldn’t be trusted.

    So an interesting angle for an enterprising investigative reporter, with the means to do so, would be to pursue how much intel sharing there is these days, and has been for the last six years, and exactly (well as exact as possible in the matter of uncovering secrets) what our intel has known about these tunnels and Hamas’ plans all along, during which period our administration and state department has been badgering Israel to “be nice, roll over, give up more territory and take it on the chin.”

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      How much sharing nowadays? Curtailed somewhat after Snowden, but no matter a show of disgust at the US – they all know how to, and when to, scratch each others backs if it meets their needs. Re how long has our administration known about the tunnels, a starting point would be to look at visitor logs to W.H. of the Muslim Brotherhood not that MB would be the only source. But common sense would say that Israeli gov knew about the tunnels well before the people. To think they would not on a regular basis have boots on the ground gathering info (disguised of course) in those tunnels that they and everyone knew about would be irresponsible/unintelish. So if I’m right, why wouldn’t they have done anything about it and my only guess there is – as they are known to bow to world pressure – they would look like the aggressor? What do I know.

      • bobmontgomery says:

        I think it was just a matter of timing for them. They knew about Iraq nukes and took them out before nuke weapons could be built and used. Same for Syria. Hopefully same for Iran. The question I have is – when our military detects Israeli action against Iran, will our
        people prudently delay reporting it to Washington, claiming technical problems? I hope so.
        But if Obama should do something stupid, I hope they have enough sense to arrest him on the spot.

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  5. marblenecltr says:

    Thanks for the great post!

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