Misjudging our military – Bergdahl – Benghazi

I have been hoping a shorter version of this video would surface but it has not so you can watch the whole twelve minutes if it pleases.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel visited Bagram on June 2nd. He is greeted by a large group of military. An introduction is made with appropriate applause after his introduction.

At five minutes into the video Hagel acknowledges a group at the front of the audience who’s stories are “inspiration to everybody.” He initiates applause for the group and the audience responds

Backing up now, at the two minute mark of the video – “This is a happy day. As you’all know, for our country, for our armed forces because we got one of our own back last night.”

If there was ever a show of rejection of POTUS’ action on Bergdahl this was it. Conspicuously absent were wild cheers that in his cluelessness Hagel must have expected. There was absolutely no reaction from the men and women in the audience.

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