NYT Brings the Race Card into Bundy Ranch Standoff to Distract from Govt Land Grab (UPDATED)

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UPDATE:  Righting the wrongs and exposing the lies. See my update to this post entitled — EXPOSED: NYT Caught EDITING, DISTORTING Cliven Bundy’s remarks! See full clip.”


Cliven Bundy Cliven Bundy

Progressives are so predictable. Apparently, a reporter and photographer from the New York Times decided to show up last weekend at Cliven Bundy’s ranch for Bundy’s daily conference.

The fact that the NYT popped up on the scene should have set off alarm bells and warnings with someone, anyone but it did not. Bundy not being a seasoned interviewee stepped into a land mine.

Bundy, it can be said, although expressing his freedom of speech and thought said something that the New York Times rag could twist, turn and regurgitate making this one statement a major distraction for weeks to come.

The endgame, of course, is to distract and to drive a wedge between public opinion and…

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