“They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists. I repeat: what happened there was domestic terrorism.” Harry Reid on Cliven Bundy supporters


Get ready for the real thing. Harry Reid has declared the supporters of Cliven Bundy “Domestic terrorists”. Therefore like any other “Terror” organization if you give them any type of support, you too are a domestic terrorist.    Now we get to play the game in real time and you had better be ready. The power of the Fed has been awakened,like a sleeping dragon, and is about to spread it’s wrath. Reid said that a federal task force has been set up to “Deal with the Bundy situation”.     Well it looks like it is coming a little sooner than expected, but the barbarians are most certainly at the gate. If this goes down make sure that your preps aren’t forgotten and importantly do not forget the III to III principle. We are about to dive head first into cold dark waters and no man can be unto…

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