Obama proclaims National Park Week – highlights sticking it to us by creating ‘monuments’

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Put this one down in I’m not going to let this one go down on a Friday.  Obama and that sick you know what Reid are baiting us big time. O.K.  you got me on this one. So two posts today. Obama sticks it to us in his Proclamation, and you know he is just getting started since he has that damn pen and phone. So take that Bundy supporters, I just added ten new “monuments” and I am just getting started,- millions of acres that you will only walk on if I say so. Graze on if I say so, Drill if I say so. But I will put solar and wind farms on it. So take that you little anarchists. But this weekend, I feel generous, so I will let you walk on your land for free.

To honor America’s natural beauty and cultural heritage, the National Park…

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