Got water running thru your property? Got a pond? Government wants it…..

The EPA wants to “gain control of nearly all the water in the country.” Regulate it. Own it like they do much of our land! Should this go thru, the fine for you or me defying the EPA is $37,500.00 a day. Are we ready for that one kids?

Based on how the BLM treated the people last week at Bundy’s Ranch (protesting could only be done by standing inside a pen which was marked “1st Amendment Area”) I would bet these jackboots won’t have any problem telling us how often we can fish, how often we can swim and never, ever swim in one’s birthday suit. Babies to be diapered at all times. How far away from the bank we must stay and oh yeah – No dogs or horses allowed!

WNDBiggest Land Grab In The World

WASHINGTON – In a move lawmakers and farmers are calling “the biggest land grab in the history of the world,” the Environmental Protection Agency is requesting jurisdiction over all public and private streams in the United States that are “intermittent, seasonal and rain-dependent.”The EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in late March jointly released a proposed rule, Waters of the United States, in an effort to clarify which streams and wetlands are protected under the Clean Water Act.

A statement issued by the EPA says “the proposed rule will benefit businesses by increasing efficiency in determining coverage of the Clean Water Act.” Continued here.

I just have to laugh. When government says something will “benefit” – you can take it to the bank that you will never be able to sit down again!

Here’s the short and sweet of it –

H/T PumaBydesign001


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4 Responses to Got water running thru your property? Got a pond? Government wants it…..

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  2. poetopoet says:

    I have a small water hole that goes out to the ocean, it comes out so cold you cannot hold your hand in it for long its 3 feet by 3 feet approx. if they come to claim it I will ask for payment.

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