Dave Bundy on his incarceration – “I felt kind of ashamed to the Lord…”

“I felt kind of ashamed to the Lord because it seems like I really pay attention to him in times of need and not so much in, when things are going ok, and I actually had to humble myself and spend some time on my knees. I didn’t care who saw me. I would try to sing a hymn, thoughts of my kids comin to my mind and I didn’t, I felt, I did feel a lot of peace at times and that’s why I knew heavenly father was there.”


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4 Responses to Dave Bundy on his incarceration – “I felt kind of ashamed to the Lord…”

  1. Cry and Howl says:

    Good morning LadyRaven;
    I’ve got a bunch of liberals who read ol’ Cry and Howl daily. There’s one or two who read every post, every word then go to their own site and write “debunking” (at least in their minds) and/or mocking articles opposing nearly everything I write. One guy wrote a piece severely mocking my article about the decline of America yesterday. Just certified b.s. Anyway, check out a liberal’s take on what’s going on in Nevada. (I don’t usually provide links to left-wing sites, forgive me this one time as it’s only to show what the other side is really like)

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Typical. I’d like to see the spin they would put on the turtle kills.

      • Cry and Howl says:

        I have to tell ya, I visit liberal sites every day and I can’t get through one article without having to wrap my head with duct tape the lunacy is so far out there. After they’ve read the “about cry and howl” page they circle like damn vultures. It’s ridiculous.
        Anyway, I’m looking for any updates about the Nevada situation. Sad to say, I don’t think it’s going well for the Bundy’s though.

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