Dangers of USA Giving Up Internet Control

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3 Responses to Dangers of USA Giving Up Internet Control

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  2. poetopoet says:

    Given Up? We the People have thrown in the towel to our elected and hired civil servants. I believe it is and has been out of control for a long time.

    The inevitable outcome is not going to be pretty, for if there is a history to be written, it will be our fault, because our forefathers gave us that the right to correct anything that came along and We the People did nothing but wine and re-elect and give them a raise.

    The assumption of guilt of past misdeeds if they are? Is a plunge and a plague upon some who assume it is only right at any cost. No Bells will be Told too ring, only the cries of children and good people dying in the streets and fields of the coming horror show, too haunt your last breath.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Yes, it gets worse every day doesn’t it? And yes, this c*** that we have for legislators are of our own doing.
      We have said for how long – WAKE UP AMERICA!
      And just as important – WE, the people brought it on ourselves – WE, THE PEOPLE are going to have to get them the hell out of there!

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