“I see why men die to defend you” Lady Liberty

Venezuelian – Genesis Carmona – Twenty-two, college student, beauty queen.
She was last seen Wednesday looking like those around her – T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes – but dead.
The day after she died Danny Jeffrey did a post – Song For Liberty – and I wondered if she had had similar thoughts –

I seek the light, and in that light I shall live, fight, and if need be die; but only a craven, mindless coward can accept the future that is planned for us. Let them wallow in darkness, ignorance and shame. I choose to live a life born of liberty, or shall gladly die in its defense.

Or perhaps she knew and thought of the beautiful aria he posted –

“Days of sad darkness and fear must one day crumble
For the force of your kindness and love make them tremble”
Good night Genesis Carmona.
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1 Response to “I see why men die to defend you” Lady Liberty

  1. poetopoet says:

    Unlike this country many died for our freedoms, now taken for granted and wasted on fags, lesbos, niggers who refuse to stop or get in line for nothing but freebees only, we are very close to be coming them too.

    It’s called destiny or progression aka the demonic-rat party progressionist like Hillary Lesbo Clinton.

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