9/11 Ride – A Personal View

Today I will do the “normal” things I do every day. The word “normal” was redefined those years ago. Today a post like this one reminds me by having walked into my cyber world, that every day, is 9/11/2001. Donna, please, tell your sons that I thank them for their service to our country! And thank you for having done the 9/11 Ride! In my world at least – it symbolizes a ride out of a deep slumber we fell into after that terrible day. Understandably it has been a self-preservation act in so many ways, but it was assisted by those who wished then, and now, that we sleep forever. That sleep has proven to be a disaster. Some of us will never sleep again. May those with evil intent be on notice – the giant rides.


9/11 Ride – A Personal View

3:30 am in the mountains just outside Christiansburg, Va, a rumble breaks the early morning silence. A single motorcycle carefully makes it’s way down the long winding roads towards “civilization” to meet up with others along the way who have also decided to make this journey. We ride out not exactly knowing what to expect once we get there, but sure in our hearts that it is something we MUST do. We come from all walks of life, all religions, all political sides, yet United – not just by the bikes we ride, but by the need to stand up for those who have risked all, those we have lost, and those who were left behind. We are not just “Bikers”…we are Americans.

What I write here is from my own personal view of the events leading up to this ride for Me. There…

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