And they came – Veterans, truckers, bikers, patriots. Will “we” let the moment pass?

These are very important scenes of a moment in time when America stood up.  The train that barreled down on us for so long has arrived.  Will we cower as we have been taught to do, or will we make this the first day of our tomorrow?

BIKERS – in all their glory on 9/11.

TRUCKERS – oh hell yeah, we had trucks!

VETERANS – more than a few.

Old America, Young America, the future of America.

They refused to bow to the fence god of America.

They stood peaceably, but there was some conflict.

Others cleaned the mall. 

There was minimal MSM coverage, but mostly it was ignored or minimized.

Just a few of many iconic photos:






There were many teachable moments such as this.  The people stood behind the gates at the Lincoln Memorial.  It was closed to them.  A young man, very nervous at first stood before them and gave a speech.  It is all worth watching but it is at 2:16 that he tried very hard to inspire –

“….. and we are not subjects, we are citizens.   We are citizens of these United States.  We’re veterans, we’re fathers, we’re patriots.  A couple of weeks ago, when this whole mess started, I was watching here as a few folks, a couple of activists came over to these gates and they crossed over and they said folks join us.  This is our land, we paid for it, you don’t have to be afraid, there is no law against seeing our monuments that our tax dollars maintained that were built to honor our heroes and our heritage.  But you know what, people clapped and they cheered and they got excited, they were rah rah let’s do this, team America, and they wouldn’t jump those gates because we have the mentality of subjects, and we have forgotten how to be free.  We don’t know what it’s like to live without asking permission anymore.  And folks that’s gotta change.  You can wait for Washington to change all you want, but Washington reflects us.  And if we have that mentality, their going to have that mentality.  This isn’t about what side of the line you’re on, this isn’t about what party you’re in.  Learn to live free …… if freedom is extinguished here it may never be lit again.  We can’t have that.  We’re the last hope.”

They opened the barriers themselves and here the young man walks thru with only a few following.  They are prompted – “come on, come on, nobody’s going to hurt us.”  And yet they held back.  They held back exactly as he had spoken of in his speech.

And here, at last, they finally did what they came to do.

And our lord and master Obama spoke from behind the protection of snipers.


But he did issue a statement.


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9 Responses to And they came – Veterans, truckers, bikers, patriots. Will “we” let the moment pass?

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  2. upaces88 says:

    Everyone in D.C. lives in this isolated little cocoon. They forget about the people back home and what they want. They are too busy filling up their bank accounts; puffing out their chests of how important they are.
    The ARE NOTHING compared to those people who represented ALL OF US.

  3. bydesign001 says:

    Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    What we are witnessing, what we are living is history in the making. It is the beauty that makes this nation great. Let us not squander it. Excellent post Lady Raven, excellent post.

  4. It was satisfying and a good sign that when they took the barricades down, they didn’t take them to the Capitol, they took them to the WH and dumped them. They know who the enemy is.

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