PM Netanyahu Comments Following Security Consultations

Prayers going out to Israel!  And we shall just have to presume there is and will remain an empty chair in the Black House throughout this very scary time.

First came this from Blood of the LambBREAKING NEWS: Syria Positions 500 Scud Missiles At Israel in Preparation of War

Then this –

Netanyahu warns Israel will respond ‘fiercely’ if it sees any attempt of a Syrian attack

PM’s Comments come after urgent security consultations meeting.With the US poised for military action against Syria, and amid concern Damascus may respond by lashing out at Israel, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu held urgent security consultations in Tel Aviv Tuesday afternoon.

Following the meeting he reiterated that Israel was “prepared for any eventuality.” While stressing that Israel was not involved in the Syrian Civil War, Netanyahu said that if Israel discerns any attempt at all to attack it, “we will respond, and we will respond fiercely.”

On Monday, International Minister Yuval Steinitz said that the Syrian government’s use of chemical weapons against its own people is a stark reminder of just how dangerous non-conventional weapons are in the hands of totalitarian regimes.

While calling on the world to stop Assad, Steinitz said Israel would not interfere in the turmoil roiling the Arab world.

“We are not going to interfere in the turmoil and internal conflicts around us,” he said. “We want to stay out of the conflicts in the Arab world and in the Arab countries. I think this is a very reasonable and responsible policy.”

Asked, however, if Jerusalem was not concerned about Syrian retaliation against Israel in case of an American attack, Steinitz said, “I think it will be insane for somebody to try to provoke Israel, but of course we are prepared for any scenario.”


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