Abolish The Presidency!

Keith Koffler at White House Dossier – Is the White House Planning to Abolish the Briefing?

An article by a former White House press aide demanding an end to the televised daily briefing begs the question of whether the White House is floating a trial balloon that could lead to the briefing’s cancellation. Read HERE.

Koffler is probably on to something. When you consider Hussein Obama’s penchant for refusing to talk to reporters after one of his speeches, or the fact that he’s picked up the nasty habit of having private briefings with only certain media, would we be surprised that Baghdad Bob Carney, and any who might come after him, is seen as a vulnerable area needing to be shut down so that only HO’s teleprompter delivers the true and pure message?

Actually, my crystal ball suggests the teleprompter is keeping a close eye on Hussein Obama and may have plans of a coup to abolish the presidency!


It is pretty hard to brainwash the masses when POTUS goes off teleprompter and exposes his true radical leanings as he did last week when he spoke about how much Ho Chi Minh admired Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That attempt of drawing a moral equivalency between HCM and the Founding Fathers didn’t sit so well with Viet Nam veterans and their families and any who fought and suffered in that war. Can’t be having that!

GO teleprompter! At least you could be unplugged, unlike the POS POTUS who would be king dictator!


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6 Responses to Abolish The Presidency!

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  2. bydesign001 says:

    Good Monday afternoon,

    I, too, nominated you for the Most Influential Blogger Award, of which you are so deserving. http://pumabydesign001.com/2013/07/29/most-influential-blogger-award-my-nominations-and-the-rules/

  3. ken says:

    Very good info. Nothing surprises me anymore. Our dickhead dictator in DC needs to be cancelled! TAKEN OUT! Drug out! Tried and punished! MMMMM Where are those fire ants? 24 hours should be long enuff??????

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