Friday Afternoon Dump “We, The People” style.

A sister reminds me often that there are so many of us who do not have computers or even if they do, do not have blogs by which to try to help spread the word of misdeeds and corruption of our government, but that they still participate by keeping informed, by calling their representatives, going to town meetings, protesting, by discussing it with those willing to discuss the issues.  Every one of these actions is incredibly important!

I would like to introduce you to upaces88.  Despite encouragement upaces88 has no blog, but she does participate on many of them in the comments section giving her views, attaching pertinent articles or videos and just generally furthering a conversation.  She is an integral part/example of Americans involved and talking about our problems and how to resolve them and imparting truth as she sees/find’s it.

This morning I re-posted Cmblake6’s reminder that it is Friday and tonight we can expect another unconstitutional movement/edict/executive order from his majesty King Hussein Obama before he slithers out the door of the house he so detests for a fundraiser or golf weekend.  He (mistakenly) believes the people pay no attention on Fridays because it is the weekend and we are too selfish or lazy to be concerned about the war for America.  How wrong he is.

Shortly after that upaces88 posted on one of my previous pieces a list of actions that Hussein Obama has taken against our military since he came into office.  It is an amazing list.  When you look at the scope of it you realize that H.O’s actions are like water running over a jagged rock.  In time the rock is changed and made smooth, and so it is with H.O.’s transforming our country.  Bit by bit and relentlessly the water does its work – so too have Obama’s cumulative actions degraded our military.

The list is below and I am now declaring Friday’s to be Dump Day for We, The People, just like it is for H.O.  I shall post lists of the handy work on a particular subject brought about by the man who would be king. 

Reference this list upaces88 said – “I have the individual articles about each one tucked away in my files…but had I added them all….the list would have massive! Those of us that DO keep up as much as possible recognize everything on the list.  IF you want specific information, just Google it.”

THANK YOU for this handy little reminder Upaces88 – YOU absolutely be da bomb!

Obama decides the Ft Hood Shooting was a case of “Work place violence”; instead of Islam infiltrating Our Military;
Rips the Military Budget as he gives politicians a raise;
Cancels Military Retirement;
Changes the Rule of Military Combat Pay;
Ships shell casings of ammunition to China.
Announces to the world about the cut in Nukes;
Orders the Military to lie about Afghanistan;
Flags are flown at half staff when a hero dies — allows the American Flag at half mast for a black singer;
Decides NOT to give a Purple Heart to the survivors of the Ft. Hood Shooting calling it “work place violence”;
Fraudulent Affirmative Action Picked for Head Drill Sergeant;
Slashes 1,200 National Guard to 300 along the borders for Terrorists to enter;
Despite his approving of Sodomy and Bestiality — Military Restores Ban;
Disrespects Seal families;
Veterans’ Cemetery must ban “GOD and Jesus from Military graves.”
Violates the rights of Military Chaplains.
Lies about bin Laden’s death…won’t show pictures or video of Islamic burial at sea….lies about helicopter crash
No seals were Injured during Bin Laden raid…however, those who knew died (can’t remember the exact number)
Repeals DADT….
Wanted injured military to pay for their own medical expenses because they had volunteered to fight in the military…..
(12/28) Breaks Promise to Military and keeps Troops in Afghanistan until 2014
(01/12) Obama quietly signed the NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act, which nullifies the Bill of Rights and declares America to be a “battleground” in which all American citizens can be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and even killed with no due process.
(2/09) Obama Guts Military and gives Bureaucrats a Raise
(2/10) Denies Hero(s) Purple Hearts — calling Ft. Hood Shootings as Work Place Violence
(2/14) Military Chaplains charged with sedition/Treason for teaching against sin
(2/16) Military to Fake Belly, Breast to better understand how females in the Military feel;
(2/25) Our Military burned Koran and Obama apologized causing the deaths of two Officers who were unarmed were shot in the back of the head in a secured location.
2/26 Obama doesn’t stand with Military as NATO tries to prosecute the Military men who burned Koran;
(2/26) Military Refuses to take orders from him;
(2/26) Takes healthcare away from Military; Triples co-pay on their insurance.
(2/27) Obama mocks Military by burning a Bible
(2/27) Military now responsible for their own health care (even when they come back from the Middle East without a limb, etc.)
Under the Radar, he sends troops to 4 African countries
Changes Rules of Engagement
Forcing Troops to Lie about the Progress in Afghanistan
Obama threatens Chaplains: “You can’t preach against me in chapel.”
(3/4/12) Obama threatens Chaplains: “You can’t preach against me in chapel.”
(just following) Chaplains cannot preach against sin
3/27/2012 — Tax “our” Military to give to HIS New Military
4/14 – Army Generals Plead With Obama “Bring them HOME”
(4/23) – Military Rates Obama as the worst President they have served with
(4/25) Seals Blast Obama for using them as Campaign tools for going after Osama Bin Laden
(05/01/12) Forcing New West Point Cadets to become PC for Muslims
(05/04/12) Forced Our Military to shove their butts in the air praying position to Islam
(05/05/12) Cuts Military Budget “again” setting us up for defeat
(05/06/12) Chip under the skin for Military Personnel
(05/09/12) Backs Taliban as they Kill Our Military
(05/09/12) Claims Military are fighting on “his” behalf
(05/10/12) Obama Releases Taliban Terrorists while Military Man Held captive for 3 yrs
(05/11/2012) Obama Suspended Classes on Islam — The way to save the world is through Nukes (like WWII)…
05/13/2012) Slashes Military Budget for healthcare to build $750,000 exercise facilities for Muslims who are incarcerated
(05/13/2012) Obama Cuts $13 Billion from TriCare for Military
(05/14/2012) Obama offers purple heart to the victims of terror BUT NOT those at Ft. Hood+ considered Ft. Hood “work Place Violence”
(05/16/2012) The Navy just fired it’s 16th command officer for 2011 REPLACED w/Obama Appointee
Navy Commander Fired Over Falsified Records REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
NAVY FIRED Five Attack Submarines CO’s REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointees
Navy Fires 10th CO This Year REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
Navy Relieves CO of New Ship REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
Navy Medicine CO Fired for Poor Command Climate REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
NORTHCOM Commander fired REPLACED w/ OBAMA Appointee
( 05/21/12) President Betrayed Troops by releasing a known terrorist killer
(05/23/12) Obama Undermines Troops Putting Taliban in Power as They KILL OUR TROOPS;
(05/28/12) Memorial Day: Makes the day to honor OUR Troops all about him
(06/01/12) Veto promise comes because House GOP leaders are breaking faith with last summer’s budget deal by cutting overall funding for agency operating budgets by $19 billion,almost 2 percent.
(06/07/12) Obama’s uses Memorial Day to Campaing in Photo-Op by blocking families of Vets from D.C. Vietnam Memorial
(06/07/12) Same Sex Marriage on a Military Base
(06/08/12) Obama cuts back on Military causing them to have to improvise
(06/10/12) More Troops Die of Suicide than from War
(06/11/12) Memorial Day-Obama shuts out Military, friends/family forced to pay respect 100(s) of yards from the sit behind a fence
(06/11/12) Prior to this day, VietNam vets and family members denied access to wall
(06/11/12) Too busy to allow the Fly-Over by the Thunderbirds during the Memorial Day Celebration..he cut it short because he had places to go campaign;
(06/14/12) Pentagon Bans Bibles
(06/20/12) More Military are committing suicide than from being killed in battle.
(06/20/12) Disciplines Military for Burning Koran
(06/21/12) Obama Orders Military to Celebrate Gay Pride Month
(06/26/12) Obama Forbids Chaplains to mention Jesus
(06/30/12) Obama allows Terror-Linked CAIR Targets Navy Seals Training
(06/30/12) Obama wants Military to pay-up more on their Tricare Insurance
(07/03/12) Obama sends troops to Persian Gulf-further spreading troops thin
(07/07/12) Obama Refuses to Offer the Flag of the United States to the Family of a Fallen Hero; Gives the Responsibility to the Secretary of Defense
(07/30/12) Obama to Turn Military into Social Workers
(08/02/12) Obama to Keep Military from voting
(08/04/12) Massive Cuts to Military Healthcare
(08/16/12) Obama Campaigns Strikes Back Against Former Navy Seal
(08/21/12) Obama Dismisses Seals “Don’t take them too seriously
(08/21/12) Too many Military Deaths in Middle East — Obama should change plan
(08/21/12) Obama Adds Military Hero(s) to his list of enemies
(08/21/12) Obama Puts Special Ops in Danger
(08/22/12) Officer Penalized for opposing Sharia Training
(08/24/12) Veterans Being Rounded Up Nationwide
(08/25/12) Obama having all of the Military Vets Picked Up
(08/24/12) Military man penalized for NOT wanting to attend PRO Muslim Training
(08/31/12) Obama making Military submit to Sharia
(08/31/12) Sends form letter to fallen Seal Team Six Families
(09/23/12) Increases btw 30% to 79% in Tricare premiums for lst year. Then plan imposes 5-yr increases from 94%
(09/26/12) U.S. Troops Are Being Murdered In Afghanistan: Pentagon’s Answer … Muslim Sensitivity Training
(09/30/12) Shhhh: US military deaths in Afghanistan hit 2,000″
(10/4/12) Obama blames US troops for attacks on them by Afghan security forces, orders Islamic cultural sensitivity training to 345%-more than 3x’s current levels.
10/12/12 Disabled Vet Considered Terrorist–he inquires about Cost of Surveillance Camera(s) for his home.
(11/03/12) Has Military removed from voting records in Florida
(12/02/12) Obama Taking Guns from all Military Vets.
(12/14/12) Obama Fires Lt. Col. Dooley for speaking out against Islam
(12/16/12) Obama Ignores Military Man in Mexican Jail
(12/00/12) Announced withdrawal date in Afghanistan. Now no Afghans will cooperate with US military because they are leaving … leaving the Taliban behind. Allows the Afghans vet the Afghans who will train with the US military despite the insider attacks.
(12/00/12) Program where female soldiers where the hijab to appease their ‘culture’
(12/00/12) U.S. military to disarm for his ‘surprise” visit to Afghanistan so not to offend the Afghans who disarm
(12/10/12) New Army manual orders soldiers not to criticize Taliban, pedophilia, or Islam, or advocate for women’s rights
(1/05/13) Former Marine gets 20 yrs for burning a Koran
(1/27/13) Obama Cuts Healthcare to active Military and vets
(1/28/13) Obama Cuts Breakfast for Military in Afghanistan
(02/20/13) Obama takes the guns out of the hands of vets and prohibits them to own them.
(02/21/13) U.S. Troops having to get Gear From Charity
(03/03/2013) Bizarre Sex Games-which male/female soldiers offered prizes in a race to put condoms on sex toys.
(03/13/2013) Suspends Military Tuition for College
(06/09/2013) Record Number of Our Maimed Military Denied Disability
(06/10/2013) Military told not to read about Scandals
(06/13/2013) Obama Rules that Military cannot talk about Christianity

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  1. ken says:

    dump OBAMA! Diahrea style!

  2. ken says:

    I agree Lady!

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