Mark Steyn – bang head/whisky a must article

In the below article Mr. Steyn weighs in on (some of) this week’s government atrocities. From a “disabled” (someone want to define disabled?) veteran with a half a billion dollar contract from the IRS, to the Corker-Hoeven amendment to the immigration bill that was NOT read by it’s “alleged” author, Senator John Hoeven, Republican N.D. –

Asked to reconcile these two paragraphs, Senator Hoeven explained that, “when I read through that with my lawyer,” the guy said relax, don’t worry about it. (I paraphrase, but barely.)

to DOMA.

He wraps his thoughts up very neatly in one sentence – While we’re bringing millions of Undocumented-Americans “out of the shadows,” why don’t we try bringing Washington’s decadent and diseased law-making out of the shadows?

And she weeps for her country.

Via National Review Online The Simulacrum of Self-Government



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1 Response to Mark Steyn – bang head/whisky a must article

  1. FX Phillips says:

    The phoniness of that entire charade is breath taking.
    The idea that the guy who wrote the passing amendment for amnesty does not have any idea of what is in the thing is testimony to the contempt these oligarchs hold us in.

    If the people of South Dakota have the power of recall they need to do so with this faithless hack. As for the rest of these invasionista punks in the Grand Over Party. If there is a next election they need to primaried and intellectually roasted over these clear betrayal of Americans and American sovereignty. Again these s***wads extend benevolence to the lawless and hand us the bill and have the chutzpah to call us names.

    The only people who are hankering for this bill are the cheapskate elite, the professional racist at La Raza and MALDEF and the neo fascist “Democrat party.

    Make no mistake. This is all about diluting American values. These “elites” know that with the judiciary in the thrall of the progressive “living breathing document” crowd that none of the restrictions on the invaders will be upheld. This is treason. Remember well the names who supoported this sell out of the American people for a little cheap grace that will last until the next time the disagree with oleaginous and corrupt statists like Chuck Schumer and his aptly appellated ally “Dick” Durbin.

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