Black, BLACK Thursday

Yesterday was a very black day for me.  Something mentally and physically I was unable to shake.  I received a note from a loved one with regard to my post from Wednesday  – So shoot me and get over it.  There is much at stake.

You are becoming very, very cynical. You can’t lose faith in all mankind.“

I will never lose faith in my fellow man so long as there are those who strive with every breath to speak of truth, knowledge, faith, freedom, liberty.  So long as there are those who sound the warnings intended to make us aware where the main stream media, complicit with our governments intent on destroying us, will not.  So long as there are those who are willing to risk everything  (each knows they are on Hussein Obama’s hit list intended ultimately for “re-education” centers) to expose the shameless lies and cover ups.

I re-blogged seven posts earlier, a wide variety of subjects, not all political, two of hope.  They are linked below.  Each was because I felt they had messages or information/knowledge worth spreading and for sure there are many, many others speaking out and worth reading/considering their messages.  These are, we, the people.  These are our modern day Paul Reveres doing their best to sound the warning.

PumaByDesign001 in one of her posts –

One need not be a rocket scientist to realize that the undertakings of Barack Jimmy Hussein Carter Obama, the most anti-biblical-hostile leader in the history of the Republic, these past years…..were in place to dismantle the cultural, economic, familial, historical, judicial, spiritual and traditional fabric of America.

Yes, that just about says it all.  And so, I stop here with the message I have repeated over and over.  Prepare.  Water, food, medications, and keep your powder dry!  And from one more messenger –


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4 Responses to Black, BLACK Thursday

  1. FX Phillips says:

    It is not cynicism to note the debauched nature of the republic as it slides into the abyss from the effort of men and women who do it out seslf serving conceit and wanton power lust.

    It is not cynicism to note the appalling lack of critical thinking being exhibited by our fellow citizens as they fall for the junta’s wholesale lies about our current condition and their plans for the future.

    It is not cynicism to bemoan the living at the expense of the others-ism an the promotion of envy by the the true cynics in the regime who create victims and then crassly insist that you are the greedy one foor not financing their failures.

    No dear lady you are not the cynic but we all are the victims of cynical and dishonest ruling class that creates bedlam and then blames us for not forgiving their malfeasance and dereliction.

  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    My loved ones rarely read my blog so consider yourself “loved”. They are probably only speaking out of concern but if your blog is like mine, you have chosen to use this blog in a particular (and very important) way but it doesn’t represent all of your dimensions.
    We have to stay positive because that is a symptom of hope. Without hope, there is no use in trying.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I have to smile here – “my loved ones rarely read my blog” – because it is a rarity for me too.
      There are no indicators that I have ever once influenced a soul to stop and consider the train wreck that is now upon us.
      I just preach to the choir.
      One voice, with theirs/yours, in the “hope” that there are enough of us that God will answer our prayers.
      It is inconceivable still to many that these actions being taken by our government today are the same actions that produced the Holocaust.
      I truly understand that denial as I was there once myself, but those days of innocence are over and being positive for me means to never give in.

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