So shoot me and get over it. There is much at stake.

Like most Americans, I saw a photograph that went viral on the internet the day Boston was closed down by martial law.  A policeman told by a young mother that her child desperately needed milk, went out, found it, and brought it back.

Running thru my mind was – how the heck did he find two half-gallons of milk when the whole city was shut down except for donut  shops?

For the purpose of the point I want to make here, it matters not a whit to me that this story may be entirely true.  The alleged mother, Trish Sommers pleaded with an officer for milk for her son.  That alleged Brooklyn police officer, John Bradley, found milk for that child, good on him.  What matters to me is this –

Had a PR firm devised a subliminal message to America of the nanny state role it is trying (successfully we all know) to establish there could have been nothing more impressionable than this photo.

This is another of those “government is going to have to step in” moments.  It is called psyops.  We will take care of it!  We will take care of all of the approved aspects of your needs.  Your housing, clothing, finances, schooling, transportation – your damn I-phone, the air you breath.  Your child’s milk!  It is for the greater good.  A very, very clear message IMO.

We are from the government – and we will take care of everything!


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11 Responses to So shoot me and get over it. There is much at stake.

  1. jcscuba says:

    Reblogged this on We the People.

  2. Freedom, by the way says:

    A real patriot mom would have grabbed her car keys and tried to get the milk herself (with friend taping the whole police stop thing that would surely occur). OK. That was harsh.
    Boston was a test pilot for martial law. They knew better than to try it in the rural south first.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I don’t know that that was harsh so much as we have half a country full of Patty Hearsts and that is sad and scary. Speaking of the “test pilot” – I have yet to see any criticism of the outrageous expense for that 10,000 man caper. I understand some might find it crass to speak of but if looked at for exactly what “it” was – it is something that should be spoken of.

      • Freedom, by the way says:

        Oh my. I do hope my comment didn’t sound like a Patty Hearst maneuver.
        And I agree. The cost of that day of martial law had to have been astronomical.

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          No, not at all. I was just relating how so many are today. She was cowed/terrified into doing things I don’t believe she would ever have dreamed of. And that is how too many people are today – afraid – and therefore no action even on their own behalf and that is what I call scary.

  3. Paladin says:

    I’m positive it was an act of kindness on the officer’s part. I’m sure he’s one of the good cops that takes his duty “to protect and serve” seriously.

    But police aren’t supposed to deliver milk. They’re supposed to enforce the law and catch bad guys. But every day people can help with that and not be completely dependent on the government to do everything. The remaining bomber was caught when the city and surrounding areas were no longer on “lock-down”; the homeowner noticed that something was up with his boat so he reported it.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I so want it to be true too. When we give up on our fellow man we are sunk. And, there was so much wrong about Boston, in particular (speaking of after the bombings) the martial law “exercise.” I am at the point of trusting absolutely nothing about government. What sent me on this thought process came from the director of TSA the other day talking about government taking over the internet…his statement “government is going to have to step in” – every place we look they step in, step on, squeeze.

      • Paladin says:

        (Sorry about the length of this)
        With the exception of the antebellum era, I don’t think the US has been this divided. With the rapid encroachment of government into all areas of life, we are at a pivotal point in the history of our nation.

        On one hand, we have those of us who want to just be left alone to pursue our dreams and make our successes; who want a government just big enough to keep bad people from doing bad things. On the other hand, we have those who want a big and powerful government to eliminate risk and redistribute wealth. A big and powerful government attracts the busybodies who want to tell everybody what is best for them.

        As government gets bigger it becomes more intrusive. (Some friends of mine wondered why a conversation always seems to turn to politics. I suggested that since the government is so visible with rules and regulations for everything, with an increasing impact on day to day living, that it is impossible to ignore no matter what the topic at hand is.)

        This makes those of us who want to be left alone more anxious, because history shows us what is at the end of this road, and it is terrifying.

        Those who want a bigger government are elated, because they get more goodies. This in turn makes them even more envious, wanting more from “the rich.” They vote and cheer on the Statists, thereby bloating the government further.

        It will get to the point when there is no middle ground. Everyone will eventually have to decide between freedom and tyranny.

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          Absolutely no apologies needed. I welcome others thoughts/frustrations/rants.
          Oh yes, to be left alone. Those days are over sadly.
          Deciding between freedom and tyranny.
          Tyranny is already upon us.
          That is a choice we squandered.
          Our master just has not yet really shown what he is about.
          The whips and chains and drones are hidden behind his back – but not for much longer.
          The choice we are left with – individually – is will we fight for freedom, or give in to tyranny.
          Terrifying is the word that comes to me too.

          • Freedom, by the way says:

            Yes, it is terrifying. And it’s interesting that Hollywood is making so many movies and TV shows recently about normal folks being “taken over” : Red Dawn (remake), Hunger Games, Walking Dead, Revolution, etc. The irony is, that the good guys are the ones fighting back whereas in reality Hollywood (as a whole) is very behind the progressive, big government movement. We watched Red Dawn the other night. It sparked an interesting family conversation of What would we do?

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