Where has all the outrage gone?

At Patriot’s CornerGary FouseA Million Muslim March on 9-11-13?

The American Muslim Political Action Committee is planning a Million Muslim March on Washington DC on September 11 to demand an end to discrimination against Muslims in America.  Or something like that.  Read more HERE.

Smells.  Like another false flag.  Same song, 50th verse.  Anyone tired of false flags yet?

There’s not enough courage in the muslim community to pull off a million march any more than there was when they tried the Million Hijab March for Shaima AlAwadi and Trayvon Martin.  “They” know it, so what’s the deal?

The rest of America has no outrage for anything much any more.  So WHO is going to be upset at this possibility?  The few who remember 9/11.  WHO benefits should there be a clash?  Those pushing for chaos.

Smells way too much like manipulation/psyops, smells like false flag.


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