Sunday Scandal Dump! Obama’s Got A Gun!

OK.  Let’s get it out of our systems because it’s kind of a knee jerk reaction –

The children!  What about the children Obama?  How many children have been tormented, interrogated, embarrassed, lectured, suspended because they chewed a pop-tart into the shape of a gun or something else equally as ridiculous?   How can you flaunt playing with a gun in their little faces?

Obama!  With your own children?

Damn the jackass is throwing it in our faces again! (That was me instantly!)

Why is it that rules are not made for you, just everybody else?

We must get over it folks, fast, as in real fast least we fall for his manipulating again!

Did anybody notice where this picture came from?  A White House tweet.  And that can only mean they want to start the week off right with something to get us riled up so we take our eyes off the ball/balls.

We are looking at two things.  The attempt to sell us on a full-scale war in Syria.   The United States and Al Qaeda (unfrickin believable) against Iran, China, Russia, Hezbollah!  Second – immigration/amnesty before secured borders.

Shut him down folks – don’t allow this psyops crap to gain traction!

In the meantime, this is nothing less than a frightening but critical (IMO) read – What’s behind the punishment for fake guns in schools? at Jon Rappoport’s Blog

Photo H/T – Cat Lovin’ Carter @Raleigh1960Obama and his daughter play with toy guns


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