Do you hear the drummer drumming?

The calls to WAKE UP!  PREPARE!  STAND UP!  tat-tat, tat-tat, tat-tat  – we hear it, more loud every day, and in every aspect of our lives.  Only the fact that I am still on jury duty keeps me from adding ten more to the below.  

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H/T cmblake6

Benjamin Smith – – “Stand – For Something Wicked This Way Comes”   


The REAL MEN of this country MUST STAND or all will be lost! MILITARY,  MEN OF ALL SERVICE,  MEN,  AMERICANS….. LISTEN UP!


Real leaders have been quoted as saying, with tears running down their faces and an aching anger for the love of America… “HAVE I NOT DONE ENOUGH?!?!” – GW 

Yet they keep going and come out to lead because either no one else has the heart, will, ability, knowledge or simply put THE BALLS TO STAND FOR WHAT IS RIGHT AND NOT WHAT IS EASY.

The REAL MEN of this country MUST STAND or all will be lost!

STAND for all you are worth, with all of your might for as long as you can America….. 


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Battlefield USA    Like wow man.  It’s called freedom…

WHHS Website For Girls, 10 to 16, Informs Youth About Birth Control, Gay Sex, ‘Mutual Masturbation’

Children’s Network Launches Transsexual Superhero Show For Younger Children

Redefine marriage? Include polygamy, incest

Building the new world camp… one generation at a time.

How to put the flame of liberty out? Corrupt it… in a sea of raw sewage.

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From Creeping Sharia – 5/16/13 – IRS building “largest personal information database the government has ever attempted”

It is “absolutely critical for all Americans to know about and start demanding answers as our privacy and rights are stolen by a corrupt government. The targeting has just begun.  via Your Next IRS Political Audit –

To monitor compliance with these (Obamacare) rules, the IRS and HHS are now building the largest personal information database the government has ever attempted. Known as the Federal Data Services Hub, the project is taking the IRS’s own records (for income and employment status) and centralizing them with information from Social Security (identity), Homeland Security (citizenship), Justice (criminal history), HHS (enrollment in entitlement programs and certain medical claims data) and state governments (residency).


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    Wake up today America. The clock is ticking.

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    Another barn burner Ms. Runaway Jurist, my spin below.

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