Bill Whittle – Real People



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  1. FX Phillips says:

    That’s gonna leave a mark.

    Whittle plays into one of my favorite themes when he calls the marine and other more ordinary people “props”. This is the idea that we don’t even rise to the level of subjects in this junta’s eyes. This would require thinking of us as humans and humans,including subjects, have certain rights by virtue of being human. By their alternation of vilification and elitist smothering paternalism they degrades us into less than human to the point of in-animation and insentience. Things to be moved, exploited and disposed of at their whim, to massage and prop up their ego’s, feed their intellectual conceit and disguise their moral bankruptcy.

    They have been told ad infinitum of the nobleness and righteous of their cause that all who oppose them are not even to be recognized as worthy of a rebuttal by an intellectually perverted priesthood that worships at alters they have constructed for themselves under the misconception that everything they now impose is enlightened innovation.

    In reality they are historically ignorant as they seek to re-impose old ideas packaged in new jargon of elite rule that were discredited long ago. They consider themselves “progressive” or “liberal” when none of their ideas are either of the two. Rule by elite is not new and as we have seen and now see in feudal Europe, Bismarkinan Germany, Ottoman Turkey,Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia,Fascist Italy,Maoist China, Castroist Cuba, Pol Pots Cambodia, the nascent thuggocracy in Putinist Russia, Chavist Venezuela and dozens I have forgotten it only ends in the misery of the people and the enrichment of the connected.

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