That Oh S*** Moment….


It’s that surreal split second when one moves from superior/righteous/can not be touched elitist being lerner_nose_in_air_thumb_18_.jpg to just got a thorough ass whipping being!


“I have not done anything wrong.” – I did not have sexual relations with that woman!ScreenHunter_03 May. 24 05.22.

“I have not broken any laws” – There’s no there, there!ScreenHunter_01 May. 24 05.20.

“This appears to be my response.” – But it depends on what the meaning of is, is.ScreenHunter_06 May. 24 05.26.

You have given not once, but twice, testimony before this committee, under oath this morning.” …. See the deer, in the headlights?  It does “appear” to have crapped it’s pants!ScreenHunter_07 May. 24 05.28.

You … are … dead … meat!ScreenHunter_08 May. 24 05.29a.

What difference does it make?  Obama promised – If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!ScreenHunter_13 May. 24 05.34.

He will!  Won’t he?ScreenHunter_14 May. 24 05.35a.

Stay frosty Ms. Lerner.  Stay frosty.ScreenHunter_15 May. 24 05.38.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” 

ScreenHunter_01 May. 24 06.18b


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12 Responses to That Oh S*** Moment….

  1. FX Phillips says:

    You’re in England?

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      No. Not sure what I said to make you think that but no. Texas born and raised though gone from there long ago.

  2. FX Phillips says:

    I do not mean to say that they shouldn’t pursue this whatever their real motives are. But to expect the establishment RINO’s to pursue this road that at this point is encompassing ever higher officials may be misplaced.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I/we have gone thru a lot of disappointment in the last few years and do NOT have unrealistic hope.
      I pray but don’t necessarily have hope.
      Look at Fast & Furious. Look at Benghazi to name just two.
      I saw an interview with Jordan and he said this will take time.
      TIME – the time this crap drags on wears on the public soul.
      Where is the frickin justice? Only TIME will tell and thus far there is NONE!

  3. FX Phillips says:

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”
    Do you mean the republicans? Read this and see if you think the republicans are “good men doing nothing” or co-conspirators to continue the progressive ruling consensus that was established in 1940.

    If that doesn’t convince you maybe this(second video) will convince you that the republicans are not our friends in this endeavor but just a different shade of totalitarian.

    The ruling class is warring against us. Look at the Gang of Eight Mexican Amnesty and Welfare bill heading for a vote as they look to put us on the hook for 25+ years of mendacity and dereliction of duty vis a vis the northward invasion they refused to stop.

    For once I hope that Domincan kiddy diddler and all around slime bucket Bob Menendez is correct

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I mean good men/women – period. Political/non political.
      I am (even without reading what you linked though I will here soon) in total agreement MOST on the R side have enabled the slide to tyranny we are on and I just see blood red.
      The three men pictured who have put the screws to those they are questioning in these latest hearings have very good conservative rankings.

      • FX Phillips says:

        The problem is the members of the NDSWP have sold their morality and integrity long ago. Look at who they are and what the promote.So the default would be the RINO’s but they became a me too party as far back as 1940 when Wilkie more or less signed on to the “New Deal”(he was originally a New Deal Democrat) and Ike sealed the deal by leaving the “New Deal” unscathed.

        As for the three guys pictured I will take your word for it as I can’t make out their names. Being represented by a purple RINO squish as I am you get kind of jaundiced about the whole bunch,

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffetz, Trey Gowdy.
          Look at the three video’s here –
          This is how they have gone after the other IRS officials interviewed and the Benghazi hearings, same.
          No question so much is theater – ACTIONS are all that matter.
          When I “approve” of what I hear, I then go to the Heritage site and check to see how they have REALLY performed/voted.

          • FX Phillips says:

            Gowdy’s been great. The other two while the names are familiar have kind of been under my radar. Chaffetz as I remember was the congressman thatHick spoke to that threw shrew Hilary! and her lesbian mafia into over drive.

            Perhaps they can join forces with this guy.

            This was a merciless clue batting of the egregiously phony, statist hack and apologist for the omnipotent state, John McCain. You can imagine the wisps of smoke coming out that execrable old fools ears as Cruz calls him on his complicity disguised as “collegiality”

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