Gold mines all over the map!

“Y’all, we are the last free nation on the planet. Or were. We are rapidly seeing our freedoms swirl down the bowl. If we don’t recover our national identity, we will be naught but another of these statistics”

In more PM’s than I can count, one of my best friends and fellow bloggers (Canadian) has berated the U.S. for lack of seeing the bigger, worldwide picture. I know he feels the same about the “work” that I do which is U.S. focused. I did my “time” for five years trying to get the world awake to Google/YouTube’s influence on, and enabling, jihad/terrorists. Now I see (for the umpteenth time) UK articles calling for strict control on such material on the internet. As if that will be the answer to all their (our) problems.

So. I shall repeat what I have responded to my friend and that is – first, we have a terrorist enabler seated in – OUR – White House. Hello! Big problem!

Second is – there is no longer a “we the people.” There is no cohesive effort to right this country. Too many American’s are still doing what we have done for way, way too long – going about their daily affairs as if there is no problem. But the march to our destruction continues unabated!

Some of us know in our bones – it will take another 9/11 – within these “57” states – to even begin to wake those others needed in this fight. Not until such time that it hits them in the face – a(frickin)gain – might we unite and reverse course.

So, to my dearest Canadian friend, all I can say is – we MUST clean up our act here first – where every single person can make a difference! We cannot truly help any other country if we don’t have our own act together and a frightening fact in today’s world – what we do here, does not stay here!

Every day that half of America looks the other way brings us one day closer to an America we will not be able to bear. The British people only have themselves to blame for the atrocity in their streets last week. We, the people, will only have ourselves to blame when there is all out war within our own borders.

The writing has been on the wall from Hussein Obama from the moment he walked in the White House and declared he would bring “change.” No more clear message could he have given than when he said – If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun! The bastard has the guns ready and waiting – not for our enemies – but for us.

Cmblake6 – my apologies for the rant but your piece hit every red blood cell in my body. I gotta stop reading your blog or else you need to share the bottle before I get going!

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1 Response to Gold mines all over the map!

  1. cmblake6 says:

    More than happy to share my “adult beverage” stash with you, LR. Keep reading, keep ranting! I’m more than willing to help keep you fired up!

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