Ha! Lois Lerner, inadvertently waived right to invoke fifth amendment.

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My strong-willed niece, whom I raised, at the age of 12 besides being defiant, always had to get a word in, if not the last, edgewise.  I lost track of how many times I would say to her, “Keep digging that hole, Terrell” and true to form, she would do exactly that. (Sidebar: twenty she finally gets it.)

And so that is exactly how it went yesterday when IRS official, Lois Lerner indignantly and defiantly tooting her own horn, she waived her right to invoke the Fifth Amendment.

Typical of Progressives hypocrites to assert their Constitutional rights on their own behalf while denying others their liberties.


Perhaps, when one gets down to it, there was no actual intent of malice or ill-will on behalf of the IRS to persecute conservative groups (there was of course), and the bottom line is that all of the administration’s IRS apparatchicks…

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  1. jcscuba says:

    Thanks Lady Raven for cross blogging with my site. Here’s my take on your recent post. J.C./

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