Latest addition to the lexicon of politically incorrect words – “yes” and “no.”

There has to be a recently/urgently revised memo somewhere within the IRS that says never answer a question with a straight forward “yes” or “no.”  Watch these videos and tell me if you see it any other way.

And once again – saying it exactly as I so often feel – Via The Anti-Idiotarian RottweilerTone deaf arroganceI’ve been displeased with my government in the past  – but this goes to levels I never thought possible. Disgust. Utterly and completely disgusted with the whole lot of them. …..  Tree – Rope- IRS Employee…..some assembly required. ….. Burn the whole thing – right to the fucking ground…..

h/t NC Renegade

h/t NC Renegade“118 times you were at the White House, 132 members of congress contact you about this information, 42 major news stories about this, very, subject, and you told congress a year ago ‘I can give you assurances,’ nothing is going on, everything’s wonderful, we’re not targeting conservative groups.” … “You sure you didn’t talk to anyone at the White House about this issue Mr. Shulman?”


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11 Responses to Latest addition to the lexicon of politically incorrect words – “yes” and “no.”

  1. tthan43 says:

    Burn the whole m-fucking D.C.and lynch the entire govt.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I had a dream here recently, that was what happened. We burned The White House. “OUR” White House!
      The dream was disturbing to say the least and once awake I wondered just how angry will he (they) get us to push us to doing that very thing.
      The answer to my own question is – when there is no hope that our republic can survive.

      That one man dare even attempt to destroy this or any country from such deep seated hatred is truly sick.

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  3. cmblake6 says:


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  5. FX Phillips says:

    The regime is full of smarmy, condescending ass covering hacks.

    I commend Congressman Gowdy for not getting up and smacking that smug look off his lying face. I would not have been so gracious. Schulmann disingenuous bordered on belligerence. He is also one of the prime examples of why Bush was a failure. At the beginning of his term he left too many NDSWP members in place and at the end he replaced too many who left with NDWSP punks like this.

    This man is typical of the type of people who infest the regime: entitled, arrogant and so so dishonest it becomes almost a physical attack on the listener.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I like to think that “asshole” was taken back a little bit when his answers were not just accepted/no further questions need be asked.
      The bit of confusion on his face was worth watching a couple of more times.

      • FX Phillips says:

        Schmucks like him are used to thinking they are the smartest kids in the room and anyone who speaks in a drawl like Gowdy from flyover country is just a hayseed hick moron.

        Hey Dougie we found out who the moron is didn’t we?

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          “HeY dougie” – that would be hilarious if this were not so damn serious. Still – – – – HEY DOUGIE/MORON!

  6. bydesign001 says:

    Reblogged this on PUMABydesign001's Blog and commented:
    Taking no tea for the fever, Trey Gowdy is the kind of man/politician that Americans want on their side when doing battle and/or righting the wrongs.

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