“When Leaders Falter Serfdom Nears”

The wolf breached the horizon after the Boston massacre.  Martial law was implemented, America complied.  Danny Jeffrey has written a piece looking at our future – the one choice he believes we are left with.

It is my normal practice to link someone’s writing and add several paragraphs culled from what was written as enticement to get folks to read the whole piece.  There will only be one quote used here.  I believe the title itself will compel its reading.

The subject – leaders, teachers, integrity, tyranny, submission, accepting fate.

“Fate is shaped by those with the will to mold it.  Acceptance in the face of tyranny not only casts us into bondage but our posterity as well.  I have long predicted a coming dark age if Americans lack the courage to oppose evil.  Ronald Reagan felt the same and went so far as to predict its duration at a thousand years.”  Danny Jeffrey



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