Shelter in place.2 – “This pride of Boston – This is America”



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2 Responses to Shelter in place.2 – “This pride of Boston – This is America”

  1. jeromeennis says:

    Warning Folks! This is just a test!!
    by: Jerome Ennis on the Boston Lock Down on 19 April 2013
    Or boys and girls, can you say–
    Martial Law?

    One suspected Terrorist Captured. But more importantly, a large scale Lock Down of Millions of People was totally successful and the President, Home Land Security, BATFE, FBI, Massachusetts State Police, National Guard, County Sheriffs Departments and the Police Departments of the entire Metro Boston Area, including the suburbs were utilized to Shut Down an Entire City for over a day to catch Just One Guy. In short, the Martial Law Plan, worked more effectively than even the Fascist Federal Police Forces imagined. And, Obama was delighted at the accomplishment of his Police State Forces in Action.

    I am glad they caught this kid, but I truly question the rest of the motives of this massive take down of a huge metro population center, and the sheeple, without a whimper, stayed in their houses and followed orders, “Do not leave your houses, and do not open door for anybody but a Jack Booted and Armed Person In A Uniform.”

    Scary, and if this does not concern or scare you, their plan for martial law will work on you too. I said way back when Homeland Security was first formed that one day, we will get to the point as a nation when, if the POTUS or Some Other High Ranking Fascist Bureaucrat Representing the Official Police State were to go on TV and Broadcast Nationally all at once, and repeated over and over that said, “Folks, stay in your houses, do not open doors or windows for anybody except Official Police Types for Your Own Safety and Protection” that probably over 90 percent of the cowed down U.S. citizenry would likely follow that order. Boston proved me right. They have been doing small practice runs on elementary schools, high schools and college campuses, and those Mini-Run Lock Downs were so effective, they used this incident to Do It On a Much Larger Scale.

    Warning folks, this is just a test!!! A test of your blind obedience to government forces.

  2. jeromeennis says:

    Boston Under Siege
    by: Jerome Ennis on 20 April 2013

    And, what they are not saying in this or any other story is this: If the damned Fascist Authorities had not put the Metro Boston Area under Siege with Martial Law in place, most likely some other citizen would have spotted the fleeing suspect many hours earlier.

    With every Boston Metro Area resident being sequestered to their homes by the Fascist U.S., State and Local Police forces, some other citizen much earlier would have seen this kid who was already wounded and bleeding to death.

    This entire siege of Boston is disturbing to me because, it is scary to think that millions of Docile and Trusting Citizens would allow their local, state and federal government to put them Under House Arrest while these buffoons looked for one lone kid.

    This was not about catching one lone kid, and was all about seeing how Martial Law on a Large Scale would work, and it was totally successful on the part of the Fascist State and Federal Authorities.

    And, at the end of the day, this massive man hunt and shutting down of a city, ended with a citizen who finally walked out into his back yard, but “Only after the Fascist Authorities told him that he could. The home owner then walked into his back yard, saw blood on his boat, lifted the tarp and looked in, and saw the kid lying their unconscious in a pool of blood, and in return called 911 to report, and instead of the authorities coming on the scene, pulling the kid out of the boat and tending to his medical emergency and later arrest, they surround the place for hours and hours with armed commando types, use helicopters, infra red sensors, robots, etc. before finally just going over to the boat, and apprehending the unconscious kid who was bleeding to death.

    This is disgusting, but instead of the media speaking of this disgust, they are praising the Actions of these Government Jackboots who basically put them all under House Arrest, and instead of protesting, they cheered the authorities. This is scary, when millions of people so willingly allow themselves to be put under house arrest, while jack booted thugs with armor and weapons patrolled their streets and went door to door hassling citizens. Without the House Arrest, this kid would likely have been caught before most people finished their first cup of coffee as they prepared to go to work.

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