Shelter in place.1 – “Oh my God they’re everywhere!”

A video diary from one home on the day we first saw martial law in Amerika.

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2 Responses to Shelter in place.1 – “Oh my God they’re everywhere!”

  1. jeromeennis says:

    What stuns me about all this is that the Sheepish Boston Citizens, all followed the Stay In Your Homes and Wait For Police followed that order and then when the authrorities let them come out of their own homes, they cheered their Captors. I said a long time ago, that the USA had become so brainwashed that some POTUS could go on national TV and tell every body in the USA to stay in your House and Only Open Doors for Jack Booted Thugs, that about 90 percent of the population would follow the order without asking a single question. Boston, Mass. proved me right. Scary stuff, and this was just to go after one dude. The Terrorists Won, the citizens of the USA and especially Bostonians lost.

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